Best Discount on Universal Studios Tickets

Park tickets don't have to empty the wallet.

To find the best discount on Universal Studios tickets, interested guests need to be willing to investigate many different options and opportunities for cheap tickets. By being willing to look at discount brokers, promotional tickets, and other possibilities, it is easy to find hefty savings.

Why Bother With Discounts?

Inexperienced theme park guests may not initially appreciate the true value of discount ticket prices. Many theme parks have exorbitant gate fees, and saving even a couple of dollars on admission can help guests include more room in their budget for specialized souvenirs, photos, refreshments, games, and other items that can make a theme park getaway more enjoyable. It may even be possible to find large enough discounts to enable an extra day at the park or to pay for an additional attraction, and with so many different sights to see near the Universal Studios parks in both Orlando and Los Angeles, that extra money can turn a simple day at the park into a more extensive vacation.

Finding the Best Discount on Universal Studios Tickets

Vacation discount offers vary widely and can be found for many different circumstances. Guests who truly want the best discounts will investigate different options, compare prices, and seek out their biggest savings. Before buying something that seems like a stupendous deal, however, guests need to verify final costs - including taxes and shipping fees - and check for any restrictions or limitations on the tickets that could make them far less valuable. With a bit of caution, it is possible to find great deals.

Personal Connections

Personal connections are some of the easiest types of discounts to discover. Universal Studios, for example, offers discounts to all AAA members, and the Orlando park location also features regional discounts for Florida and Georgia residents. Other personal connections that may become ticket discounts include military service, employer tickets, or promotional offers for particular careers or during slower tourist seasons.

Online Offers

Online ticket brokers often feature the best discount on Universal Studios tickets available, though different brokers will have different levels of discounts. Guests could save anywhere from just one or two dollars to as much as $15 off a single admission, but ticket quantities may be limited and the best offers can expire quickly. For the best deal, interested guests need to compare different vendors, not only for final prices but also to ensure they are authorized ticket retailers.

Presentation Deals

The very cheapest tickets may be as little as $10 each but come with very heavy requirements. These tickets are usually available from time share or other recreational property companies, and guests can only purchase the tickets after participating in a presentation, survey, or study that is usually limited to qualifying participants. These presentations may last from 30 minutes to several hours, but they are a tremendous opportunity to find discounted tickets if guests are willing to participate. Another problem, however, is that participants may only be able to purchase a limited number of tickets at that reduced price, so this may not be a viable option for all families.

Purchase Options

How guests purchase tickets can also determine the discounts they receive. The official Universal Studios website offers discounts off the regular gate admission for tickets that are purchased early and printed at home, or guests can opt for season passes that will be the biggest savings of all if they visit the park frequently. Some credit card companies may offer rebates or additional incentives for using a specific card, or guests may simple enjoy better discounts from shopping well in advance.

Resources for Cheap Universal Studios Tickets

The following websites are great online resources for discounted Universal Studios tickets. Before purchasing, however, remember to verify that the offer applies to the right park, check for expiration dates or similar limitations, and comparison shop to investigate updated offers.

Universal Studios Florida (Orlando):

Universal Studios Hollywood (California):

Presentation Discounts (Orlando):

With a little work, it is easy to find the best discount on Universal Studios tickets, and by saving even a few dollars, guests can make their vacation a blockbuster hit.

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