Roller Coaster Games Pictures

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Bead Toy Coaster

Looking at different roller coaster games pictures can show eager players many things. Not all roller coaster games are created equal, and getting a quick preview of different games may reveal the difficulty of the game, its intensity, or the age range it is intended for. From simple bead and wire preschool roller coaster toys to advanced simulation video games, there are many entertaining options to choose from.

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K'nex roller coaster toy
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Screamin’ Serpent

The K'Nex collection of roller coaster games, toys, and models includes very elaborate roller coaster designs. Motors, moving cars, lifts, loops, and drops are all part of these popular games.

Roller coaster tycoon
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RollerCoaster Tycoon

The RollerCoaster Tycoon simulation game lets players create their own unique parks and design roller coasters in a variety of unique settings and scenarios. Realistic details such as park vandalism and guest illness make this game fun for all ages.

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Wall Coaster

What's more fun than turning your wall into a roller coaster? This super starter set comes with everything you need including marbles, over 16 feet of track, retention bands and tubes. Kids can spend hours turning a wall into an exciting, new marble run.

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Funderstanding Roller Coaster

The Funderstanding roller coaster simulation is a great tool for teachers and a fun game for coaster lovers. Adjust the sizes of both hills, the vertical loop, and other factors to make your coaster car complete the course.

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Preschool Roller Coaster

Kids will learn to love roller coasters early when they can enjoy their very own coaster track. These sturdy tracks have a very gentle incline with a few dips to excite young riders.

Note: Parents should always supervise young children while playing.

Screenshot of Discover Kids Build Your Own Coaster
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Discovery Kids Build Your Own Coaster

The folks from Discovery Channel Kids have put together a great simulation to help kids understand how physics and roller coasters work. Play is free and there's nothing to download which is an extra bonus!

Little People Wheelies Roller Coaster
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Roller Coaster Factory

Your kids' beloved Little People come with their very own roller coaster. Surely, your child will love to play with this toy for hours on end.

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Sim Coaster

Sim Coaster is another simulation game, set in the Sims universe. Players can choose from a number of scenarios and themes when playing in this popular world.

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Thumbs Up Marble Space Coaster

Not your average marble roller, this set boasts an automatic elevator, steel balls, and metal construction for durability. This is a great choice for helping kids understand physics better - especially concepts of graviational force.

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Roller Coaster Games Pictures