Alcudia Water Park

Try indoor water parks in the offseason.

The Alcudia Water Park is one of the most talked about tourism destinations in Mallorca. The park, officially called, The HidroPark, is located near Puerto Pollensa. This seasonal water park is an ideal destination for anyone traveling to the region.

The Alcudia Water Park HidroPark

The HidroPark is open from the beginning of May through the end of October, though it is not open on Sundays during May or October. The park offers a full day of playing in the water including numerous great rides and slides and provides something for everyone. The park is also home to Super Golf, which is a 54-hole golf course on site. A separate admission price is required for the golf course.


The park offers numerous attractions for visitors, including several slides. The Kamikaze slides are ideal for those who enjoy a thrilling, twisting and turning ride. Foam slides, parallel slides, and multiple slides are also available at HidroPark. Another exciting slide is the spiral slide, which loops you around several times for allowing you to splash in the waiting pool.

The park also offers numerous pools to enjoy. A wave pool produces large waves, sometimes as high as six feet tall. It tappers down so that everyone can enjoy the pool. There is a beach pool located at the park as well. Pull up a chair or table and relax under the sun. The sand is clean and warm. The Kamikaze pool and multi slide pool are at the base of these slides. They are large enough to splash in as you watch others come down the slides. There is also an infant pool located at HidroPark, though it should only be used with parental guidance for toddler-aged children.

In addition to these things, the park does offer a full service restaurant offering finger food and several bars throughout the park. Snack booths and vendors are available throughout the park. If you feel like shopping, HidroPark also offers numerous shops sporting beachwear, shoes, trinkets, souvenirs and much more. There is also Internet access at the park. If you feel the need to bring along your laptop, you can do so.

Super Golf

Those that love golf will enjoy HidroPark's golf course called Super Golf. It has 54 holes designed for all ages. However, you can elect to play only 18 holes as well. Those under the age of three cannot play. The golf course offers a variety of hole skill levels. If you wish to come to Alcadia for golf, without paying for the water park admission, you can do so.

Planning Your Trip

As you plan to visit HidroPark, keep in mind that the attractions are only open weather permitting. You may purchase tickets at the gate. They are not currently for sale on the park's website. You can find information on restrictions and admission policies at HidroPark's website at This is also a good place to see some great pictures of the rides, slides and golf attractions at the park.

Plan to stay all day at this park, as it offers plenty to do. Do not bring in outside food or drink, but do bring your own swimwear and towels. You can rent items at the park, including tubes, ride gear and water safety devices.

More to Do in Alcudia

While the Alcudia water park will keep you business most of the time, there are many other things to do in this region of Mallorca. Visitors will find that the water park is located just a few minutes from the beaches. These beaches are clean and beautiful, though they can be crowded during the summer months.

Alcudia Water Park
  • Historical monuments in Alcudia are within walking distance of most major hotels. There are Roman ruins in the center of town. The city itself is has ancient walls surrounding it that date to the 14th century.
  • Boat trips and boat charters are available off the port. Visitors can tour the region by water, noting all of the beautiful beaches, wildlife and old buildings that dot the coastline.
  • There is a strong nightlife in Alcudia. Clubs and festivals keep everyone entertained.
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Alcudia Water Park