Attractions at Epcot

Spaceship Earth

Even from a distance, the immediately recognizable "ball" of Epcot can easily be spotted. It's the first object you see upon entering the park - be sure to snap a picture or two of this wonder, which houses one of the attractions at Epcot - Spaceship Earth, a history of communications.

Nemo and Friends Aquarium

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is Epcot's aquarium that integrates characters from Disney Pixar's "Finding Nemo." Guests ride in "clam-mobiles," joining Mr. Ray on a field trip. At the end of the ride, hop off and into an impressive aquarium featuring over 200 species of sea life, with a variety of features, including the interactive "Turtle Talk with Crush" and the hands-on "Bruce's Shark World."

Astronaut for a Day

Get as close to your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut as possible on one of the thrilling attractions at Epcot - Mission Space. Climb aboard a space simulator adventure that feels like a real lift-off!

Life on the Fast Track

Epcot's Test Track ride puts you in the driver's seat of a thrilling car ride, as you discover what it's like to be part of vehicle testing. General Motors puts your car through a series of simulated tests before breaking out onto the high speed track, where you'll zip over 60 miles per hour.

Experience the Epcot World

Travel through 11 different countries in Epcot's World Showcase, with sights, sounds and foods of each country well represented. Canada, France, Germany, Japan, China, Italy, Mexico and the USA are among the showcase pavilions.

Epcot's Got it All

Whether it's the thrill of the hang gliding ride Soarin', the roar of the Test Track, a blast into the unknown on Mission Space or a visit to another country, the attractions at Epcot offer something for everyone!

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Attractions at Epcot