Breakers Express Cedar Point

Breakers Express is a Cedar Point resort.

A stay at the Breakers Express Cedar Point resort may not be fancy, but it can be an affordable and attractive way to visit one of the world's largest and most highly rated amusement parks without breaking the bank. Despite its simplicity, this hotel offers a range of benefits for guests to enjoy when they visit Cedar Point amusement park.

About Breakers Express

Breakers Express is an official Cedar Point resort property located at the base of the Cedar Point peninsula. With 350 rooms, the hotel has been an affordable and convenient option for many park guests since it first opened in 2000. Breakers Express is closer to the park than any other hotel except two other hotels at Cedar Point, the historic Hotel Breakers and the luxurious Sandcastle Suites, and it is closer to the park than any non-Cedar Point resort properties.

Hotel Amenities

In addition to its guest rooms, Breakers Express Cedar Point offers several enjoyable amenities, including:

  • Outdoor heated pool and spa with lounge chairs and a fountain
  • Game room arcade
  • Free WiFi access in the hotel lobby
  • Complimentary morning coffee
  • Coin-operated laundry room
  • Nearby small park
  • Discount park tickets available for purchase

Early Park Access

The best amenity that Breakers Express offers is that hotel guests have the privilege of entering Cedar Point an hour before non-resort guests. This early-entry feature allows resort guests to take advantage of certain rides that are already open, getting a head start on all the park's fun. In 2009, the available rides (subject to weather conditions and mechanical maintenance) included Raptor, Maverick, Millennium Force, Iron Dragon, and Planet Snoopy. During the early entry period, the lines for these rides are much shorter than they will typically be during the rest of the day, and resort guests can also choose to be first in line for the other park rides that will open an hour later.

Breakers Express Cedar Point Packages

While Breakers Express is the most affordable Cedar Point resort, there are also a range of Cedar Point packages that guests can choose from for additional savings. While the exact prices and features will vary depending on the date of the visit, typical packages include:

  • Free or discounted park admission tickets
  • Coupons for discounted Soak City water park tickets
  • Free parking at the amusement park for the duration of your stay
  • Breakfast buffet options at other properties

What Breakers Express Doesn't Have

Before choosing any hotel, it is important that prospective guests not only know what to expect when they visit, but also understand what a particular hotel does not offer. Breakers Express is a very affordable, no-frills hotel that does not offer…

  • Free breakfast (coffee is free and muffins, juices, and other continental breakfast items are available for purchase)
  • Expansive décor (the hotel is an open, airy design but artwork and accents are minimal)
  • Shuttle service to Cedar Point or Soak City (free parking is included and the park is a very short drive away)
  • In-room WiFi access (free access is available in the lobby)

For More Information

For more information about Breakers Express or to make a reservation for your next Cedar Point theme park getaway, visit online or call (419) 627-2106.

The Breakers Express Cedar Point hotel is an economical, no frills property but it does offer guests affordability and convenience if they are planning a visit to Cedar Point. The money saved can be well spent by staying longer to enjoy all the park has to offer, making a trip to Cedar Point truly unforgettable.

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