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Busch Theme Parks
Busch parks aren't all about beer.

Anheuser Busch Brewing Company owns and operates a number of Busch theme parks suitable for visitors of any age, from families with young children to thrill-seeking teenagers to adults interested in a beautiful theme park getaway.

About Busch Theme Parks

Each of the different parks operated by Anheuser Busch has a distinctive atmosphere with unique attractions that blend entertainment, excitement, and education into a seamless fun destination. The parks include:

  • Sea World San Antonio: Marine fun in the heart of Texas.
  • Sea World San Diego: The premier Sea World park and home to the chain's conservation efforts.
  • Sea World Florida: Located in Orlando, this marine park is a thriving home for endangered manatees and other aquatic life.
  • Busch Gardens Africa: This exciting theme park blends African mythology and animals with thrilling roller coasters in Tampa, Florida.
  • Busch Gardens Europe: The quaint European theming of this park in Williamsburg, Virginia lets guests escape without passports or airline tickets.
  • Discovery Cove: Visitors to this unique dolphin-oriented park can swim with and interact with these amazing creatures.
  • Adventure Island: Guests at this Busch theme park in Tampa will make a splash on its numerous water slides and other wet attractions.
  • Water Country USA: This water park is a close neighbor to Busch Gardens Europe, giving guests the opportunity to combine both parks into one amazing vacation.
  • Sesame Place: This Sesame Street theme park in Pennsylvania is a superb destination for families with young children.

What About the Beer?

Naturally, parks operated by the Anheuser Busch company serve only Busch alcoholic beverages (as well as plenty of non-alcoholic choices), and several of the larger parks also have a Hospitality Center where guests can view how Busch beers are made, learn about the brewing process, and even sample different varieties of libations. Note: Because of its family-oriented atmosphere, Sesame Place does not have the same Busch presence as the company's other parks.

Busch Theme Parks