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When asking which countries have Disney theme parks, it is important to note that Disney owns numerous types of theme parks. The most well-known theme parks may be in the United States, in Florida and California,… Keep reading »

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Disney Theme Parks Information
Cinderella's Castle, Disney World, Florida.

Disney theme parks are true fantasies come to life, both for Disney fans as well as for any theme park aficionado.

Different Disney Theme Parks

There are many different Disney theme parks throughout the world, each drawing thousands of eager visitors annually. From the original Disneyland theme park in California to the megalithic Disney World resort complex in Florida to the international Disney theme parks in Paris and Tokyo, Disney lovers can have their pick of fabulous destinations.

While at first glance the Disney parks may seem similar and do indeed offer related attractions at each site, each park has a distinct personality and unique features for guests to enjoy, whether they are familiar with other Disney parks or not. For example, while both Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's California Adventure theme park have the popular Hollywood Tower of Terror ride, each ride is unique and has different haunting features to thrill guests. Other parks offer entirely original attractions that are not found at sister destinations, such as Epcot Center's Mission: SPACE, an out-of-this-world space simulator and centrifuge ride.

Helpful Disney Theme Parks Information

Because each Disney park does offer unique attractions, interested guests should carefully review each park before deciding which one is best for their theme park getaway. Checking ticket prices, available hotels and resorts, park hours, and special events will help guests decide which park they would enjoy most, as well as which one may fit best into their vacation plans and budget. Whichever park ends up being the destination of choice, the signature Disney flair, attention to detail, and quality family atmosphere will make it an unforgettable dream vacation. .

Disney Theme Parks Information