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Six Flags Theme Parks
The Texas flag is one of the "Six Flags."

The familiar chain of Six Flags theme parks is the largest in the world, and millions of guests enjoy the rides, shows, and attractions of Six Flags parks each year.

About Six Flags

The Six Flags company began in 1961 when its initial park, Six Flags Over Texas, was founded. The chain took its common name - Six Flags - in honor of the six flags that have flown over Texas soil: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States, and the Confederate States of America have all controlled Texas at some point. With that type of international influence, it is no surprise that Six Flags theme parks are also found throughout the world.

In recent years, however, the Six Flags corporation has been troubled with declining attendance at some smaller parks as well as mounting debts from the costs of operating parks and expanding them with multi-million dollar attractions. To counter those problems, Six Flags sold a number of its parks to other corporations, including international parks in France, Spain, Belgium, and Germany, as well as several United States parks. With a deeper concentration on its remaining parks, the Six Flags name is again strong and growing, bringing exciting thrills to guests in 29 different parks.

Today's Six Flags Theme Parks

There are 29 total Six Flags properties, but only 21 of them officially use the Six Flags name. Some are water parks and some are amusement parks, but all of them deliver the classic fun the company is known for. Today's Six Flags parks can be found in Canada and Mexico, as well as in fifteen different states, including the most popular parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles and Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, both home to numerous great rides and attractions.

In late 2006, rumors abounded that the company was going to close Six Flags Magic Mountain, but improving attendance and increasing income from the park led the company to keep this signature theme park as one of its most iconic locations. Today, along with its sister parks around the world, Magic Mountain brings magic and excitement into many visitors' vacations.

Six Flags Theme Parks