Theme and Amusement Parks

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Theme and Amusement Parks
Rides are fun for everyone.

There are more than 1,000 theme and amusement parks throughout the world, ranging from small family parks to thrill-seeking paradises to elaborate fantasy lands. No two parks are the same, but each one offers visitors a range of fun and exciting attractions.

Why Visit a Park?

Amusement and theme parks offer more than standard vacation options. Because the parks are self-contained with attractions, dining, entertainment, shopping, and other features right inside the gates, they are a convenient option for guests to enjoy many different things without visiting many different places. The size of a park also makes it an attractive getaway destination: some parks can be enjoyed in a single afternoon, while others are so elaborate that they may require a week to properly visit. This lets everyone choose a park to suit their vacation timetable. The real fun in a park, however, is the attractions - with thousands of variations of different rides and shows, theme and amusement parks offer something for everyone.

Theme and Amusement Park Attractions

Different parks naturally offer different rides and attractions, but most parks offer the same general features, including:

  • Roller coasters of different sizes, speeds, and intensities
  • Carnival rides for classic, easygoing fun
  • Kiddie areas with attractions just for younger guests
  • Shows such as music, comedy, magic, ice skating, or other performances
  • Dining options ranging from quick summer snacks to exquisite gourmet meals
  • Shopping opportunities for park souvenirs, photographs, personalized items, and summer gear
  • Water rides, water slides, or other wet attractions to keep cool
  • Stunning landscaping and flower beds to make every inch of the park attractive
  • Games of skill that lead to colorful prizes

Whether you are interested in fast-paced thrills or classic, nostalgic amusements, theme and amusement parks are the best type of summer getaway for everyone to enjoy.

Theme and Amusement Parks