Cedar Point Blue Streak

The Blue Streak is Cedar Point's oldest coaster.

The Cedar Point Blue Streak is the park's oldest and most beloved coaster, still delivering exciting thrills and laughter more than four decades after it first opened.

About the Blue Streak

The Blue Streak is a wooden roller coaster that first opened on the northern side of the park's peninsula near the front of the park in 1964. The coaster's classic out-and-back design was engineered and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc., the same company that has been designing wooden roller coasters since the early 1900s and was extraordinarily popular during the heyday of wooden roller coasters in the 1920s. The company also built the Starliner at Cypress Gardens, the Racer at King's Island, and more than two dozen other popular coasters still operating today.

The Blue Streak was named after the Sandusky High School Blue Streaks, forever connecting Cedar Point to the local community. When it was first built the coaster was unpainted, but eventually the popularity of the name led to the coaster's light and dark blue color scheme with white accents.

By the Numbers

The Cedar Point Blue Streak does not have the impressive facts and statistics of some of the other, more modern rides at the park, but its numbers are impressive nonetheless:

  • Height: 78 feet
  • Length: 2,558 feet
  • Speed: 40 miles per hour
  • Duration: 1 minute, 45 seconds
  • Angle of Descent: 45 degrees
  • Size: Covering 2.75 acres

The Cedar Point Blue Streak Experience


Riding the Blue Streak means stepping back into an era when roller coasters thrilled their passengers with sudden drops and dips accompanied by plenty of airtime and out-of-seat bumps. The Blue Streak delivers these thrills flawlessly, beginning as it curves out of the station and gracefully ascends the initial lift hill to the crest topped with a classic cupola. After plunging down the initial hill, the coaster trains quickly traverse different hills of varying heights, each precisely angled to provide the maximum airtime. At the farthest reach of the track, the coaster curves through a swift hairpin turn before rattling through another series of quick hills and finally returning to the station.

Along the way, guests will have superb views of the Raptor roller coaster as well as the northern shoreline of the Cedar Point peninsula and Sandusky Bay. Fast breezes make this a great coaster to enjoy on a summer day and it is a consistently popular favorite among both experienced park guests and new visitors.

Riding Tips

Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the Blue Streak. Because of the dynamic hills and rough motion of the coaster, guests with heart, back, and neck trouble as well as guests susceptible to motion sickness or guests who may be pregnant should not ride. No loose items are permitted on the Blue Streak, but guests may leave bags or other items on the ride platform at their own risk - Cedar Point employees are not responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged. The ride uses multiple safety features including seat dividers, individual ratcheting lap bars, and seat belts, which may make it uncomfortable for guests of exceptional size, particularly for guests with larger hips or longer legs.

The Blue Streak is capable of running only two trains simultaneously, but the short ride cycle lets it accommodate more than 1,000 guests per hour. Lines are generally short for the Blue Streak both early and late in the day, and lines may be less than 30 minutes long even during the busiest summer days. To get to the ride entrance, guests must pass beneath the Raptor vertical loop and head toward the ride station, though the entrance itself is to the left of the station and down an unassuming passageway.

The Cedar Point Blue Streak has thrilled more than 55 million riders since it first opened in 1964. As the oldest roller coaster in the park it enjoys a special place in Cedar Point history and will continue to be a favorite ride for generations to come.

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