DelGrosso Amusement Park

DelGrosso's is an affordable park to visit.

For a quick, affordable theme park getaway in central Pennsylvania, the DelGrosso amusement park can't be beat. This family friendly park has been a popular summer destination for over 100 years.

About DelGrosso's Amusement Park

This 13 acre park first opened with a selection of rides, games, and concessions in 1909, though it was a popular picnic grove long before it became known as an amusement park. In 1946 the park, then known as Bland's Amusement Park, was purchased by Fred DelGrosso, who pledged to keep it a safe, fun, clean, and affordable attraction for the whole family to enjoy. In 2000, the park was officially renamed DelGrosso's Amusement Park, and today it features more than 30 rides and attractions for all ages.

DelGrosso Amusement Park Attractions

This may be a small park, but it lives up to Fred DelGrosso's commitment to a family fun park. The most popular attractions at DelGrosso's include:

  • Pharaoh's Fury: This swinging ship is a thrilling midway attraction.
  • Crazy Mouse: This spinning car wild mouse roller coaster design reaches speeds up to 30 miles per hour on its crazy, colorful track.
  • XScream Tower: Guests will love the blast action of this tall tower and the great view it offers of the park.
  • Kids Kingdom: The youngest guests are treated like royalty at this themed section with more than a dozen classic kiddie rides such as boats, helicopters, and more.
  • Wacky Worm: This simple family coaster offers mild thrills and fun smiles for the whole family to share.
  • Altoona-Tipton Speedway: This go kart track is attractively landscaped and offers a fun racing experience for drivers and riders alike.
  • Miniature Golf: This beautifully designed mini golf course features three lakes, five waterfalls, a swinging bridge, and other landscaping features.

In addition to these premier rides, the DelGrosso amusement park is also home to a wide collection of classic theme park rides, including a train, carousel, Paratrooper, bumper cars, Scrambler, and Tilt-a-Whirl.

Water Park

Guests who want to cool off on a hot summer day can take advantage of the small water park at DelGrosso's. This splashtastic area has two sections, the Tipton Waterworks and the Tipton Rapids. The Tipton Waterworks is a water fun fortress featuring waterfalls, fountains, sprays, and a massive tipping bucket all poised over a cool wading area, while the Tipton Rapids is a series of thrilling water slides.



In keeping with its family friendly, classic atmosphere, this amusement park offers a range of classic, simple amusement park food to assuage guests' hunger. Pizza, roast beef, baked beans, burgers, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, and smoked sausage are all available, as is the park's famous homemade potato salad. All the food is prepared with the freshest ingredients, giving even these simple menus exceptional flavor.

Special Events

Guests who want a little something extra as part of their visit to DelGrosso's can check the park's event calendar for its special seasonal happenings. Car shows, local and regional fundraisers, concerts, comedy performances, animal shows, and other events are held throughout the summer. On any given day, guests can also take advantage of the park's shooting gallery, games, and free wireless internet access for fun no matter what is going on.

Visiting the Park

DelGrosso's Amusement Park is open seasonally from May through September. While the park is only open on weekends in May and September, it is open seven days a week during June, July, and August. Hours can vary, however, and guests should check an updated operating calendar when planning their visit.


DelGrosso's is an affordable destination, with free parking and free general park admission. Individual ride tickets are just 50 cents each, though some rides will require multiple tickets. An all day ride wristband that includes admission into the water park is $13. Fees for the miniature golf and go karts can vary. Children younger than a year old are admitted free and can ride the train and carousel and visit Waterworks without tickets.

The park offers a range of discounts and special rates throughout the season. For example, moms and dads can ride for free on Mother's Day and Father's Day respectively, and all veterans and military service personnel can ride for free on Memorial Day. Group discount rates are also available, as well as season passes.

Contact Information

For more information about the DelGrosso amusement park, visit the official website, call toll free 1-866-684-3538, or write:

DelGrosso's Amusement Park
4352 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd.
Tipton, PA 16684

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