Discount Tickets for Legoland

Small savings add up to big fun!

Purchasing discount tickets for Legoland can help families control their vacation budget for this unique theme park getaway.

About Legoland

Legoland theme park is a unique destination in Carlsbad, California, near San Diego. Many of the park's rides and attractions are constructed from the familiar plastic building blocks or feature detailed models to enhance the ride experience, making a vacation to Legoland a treasured memory for children who enjoy playing with Lego sets as well as adults who grew up with these popular toys.

At the same time, the steep admission prices to the park can make it a struggle for families to enjoy. Luckily, there are many discount options available that make the park more affordable and can give guests the extra money to buy just one more Lego construction set or that missing piece for a favorite model. Legoland also has a Sea Life Aquarium at the same facility; you can buy tickets to Sea Life separately, or as part of a package with your Legoland tickets for best value.

Types of Discounts

There are many different types of discounts available for Legoland guests, depending on the tickets they want to buy. For frequent visitors, Legoland park membership is the best deal of all - it is an annual pass that is equivalent to less than the cost of two regular park admissions. Membership PLUS passes also give members benefits such as free parking, retail and restaurant discounts, and other perks.

Guests who do not plan to visit Legoland frequently, however, may prefer individual ticket discounts and deals. Types of deals available for this park include:

  • Half price adult tickets with the purchase of a child's admission ticket
  • One free child admission with the purchase of a full price adult ticket
  • Combination passes with discounts for other regional attractions, including Sea World San Diego, the San Diego Zoo, and other popular sites
  • Buy one get one free offers
  • Direct discounts of $1 to $15 off each admission or more depending on the dates of use and conditions of the offer
  • Discounts for AAA members

Each type of deal will have unique conditions, such as blackout dates, quantity restrictions, and other limitations, and not every type of discount is available continuously. Before relying on a specific deal, prospective guests should carefully read all terms and conditions to be sure they understand when it is and is not valid - many discount tickets are nonrefundable.

Where to Find Discount Tickets for Legoland

There are many places to find discount tickets and affordable deals for Legoland. Local stores and restaurants, such as Long's Drugs pharmacy, Dairy Queen, SuperCuts, grocery stores, and fast food restaurants frequently offer discount coupons. Regional Entertainment Books also offer local deals, including discount coupons for theme parks. Because Legoland is themed for children, area schools may offer free or discounted tickets as prizes or part of a fundraiser, and local residents can also check with their employer about group discounts or other offers.

Many online ticket retailers also feature discount offers because they have the ability to purchase tickets in bulk and pass some or all of the savings on to interested guests. Exact discounts vary on each website and not all offers are valid throughout the year. Discount tickets for Legoland can typically be found through the following websites:


As with any online purchase, consumers should carefully evaluate the retailer and their reputation before proceeding with a sale; Legoland is not responsible for fraudulent tickets or unauthorized sales.

More Budget Tips

While saving money on tickets can certainly help a family's budget, there are other ways to save money when visiting Legoland.

  • Avoid purchasing easily available Lego brick sets in the park; discount stores are likely to have the same toys available at better prices.
  • Eat meals outside the park to avoid inflated theme park refreshment prices.
  • If the only purpose of the visit is to buy rare or difficult to find Lego merchandise, use the free Shopper's Pass (no charge is made if the individual returns to the gate within one hour, and parking is refunded with a minimum purchase).

Easy to find discount tickets for Legoland help families enjoy this unique theme park without building up expenses one brick at a time.

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Discount Tickets for Legoland