Discovery Cove

Dolphins are the main attraction to discover.

Discovery Cove is an exciting Orlando theme park that allows visitors to interact with a variety of marine species.

Discovery Cove Attractions

This park separates itself from most other theme parks by incorporating marine animals into the attractions for a truly interactive aquatic experience. This allows visitors to actually learn about many fascinating species while happily interacting with these wonderful animals. Unlike most other water parks, not all of the activities take place in the water.

Coral Reef

Swimming in the coral reef allows guests to enjoy the rare opportunity to enter an aquatic world full of tropical fish and giant rays. Guests can swim amid these spectacular specimens and enjoy the amazing ambiance which surrounds them. Shipwrecked remains and exotic grottos create an authentic underwater environment. Thousands of tropical fish from various species swim between colorful coral reefs created to enhance the scene and enchant the experience. Impressive barracudas and even sharks can be seen swimming safely in the distance, behind a protective glass barrier.

Dolphin Swim

The dolphin swim allows guests to experience the treasured opportunity of swimming with beautiful bottlenose dolphins. Participants are able to touch and play with these gentle creatures, thereby gaining an appreciation for the wonderful connection between humans and dolphins. Discovery Cove is home to 30 of these fantastic creatures. A half hour encounter will allow you to share many precious hugs and kisses with these exquisite mammals. The dolphin swim is a special activity that young children will cherish forever. Children must be at least six years old to swim with the dolphins.


Ray Lagoon

The Ray Lagoon allows guests to swim with dozens of cow-nose and southern rays. These animals are especially friendly and are fantastic to interact with. Guests are given the unique privilege of snorkeling or wading into the fabulous lagoon to play with the rays.

Tropical River

The tropical river is an extraordinary escape into an aquatic oasis like no other. The fresh, crystal-clear water allows families to meander through the warm river and immerse themselves within the fantastic scenery. The rainforest ambiance surrounds you as you drift into paradise. Enjoy the beauty of the underwater caves and cascading waterfall as you leave the world behind and enter a river utopia unlike any other.

Resort Pool

The warm resort pool is always kept at an amazing 80 degrees Fahrenheit to provide a relaxing and refreshing experience. This is the place where you embark upon an expedition into the tropical river. This is also the place to enjoy the waterfalls or wade in the shallow waters and snorkel.


The aviary is an impressive oasis that more than 250 exotic birds call home. The aviary features more than 30 species of tropical birds and guests are allowed to touch and feed these peaceful aerial creatures. At Discovery Cove you can leave the water behind and watch the colorful tropical birds feed from your open hands.

Visiting Information

Park hours are from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with check-in starting at 8:00 am on the day of the adventure. The park is situated adjacent to SeaWorld Orlando at the intersection of Interstate 4 and FL 528 (the Bee Line Expressway). The theme park is located just 10 minutes south of downtown Orlando and 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.


Admission currently costs $289 for the all-inclusive package which includes swimming with the dolphins. The non dolphin package costs $189. During most of November and December, prices are reduced. Private cabanas overlooking the dolphin lagoon are offered for an additional fee. Discovery Cove may seem like an expensive endeavor, but remember that all of the activities are included, as are free drinks and food. Guests also receive a free ticket to either Busch Gardens Theme Park in Tampa or Sea World in Orlando. Discovery Cove discount coupons can offer additional discounts.

Contact Information

For more information, including discount coupons and special deals, visit the official website at or call 1-877-434-7268. You can also write to the park at:

Discovery Cove
Sea World Dr.
Orlando, FL 32821

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