Disney Collector Pins

Disney Collector Pins


In 1999, Disney collector pins were released in large volume. The Millennium celebration began in mid-1999 at Disney parks around the world. Disney collector pins were just a way for Disney visitors to celebrate.

Collecting Disney Pins

Collecting Disney pins began in the parks, but continued when the visitors went home.

The Millenium


Multiple Disney pin collections were released during that first year. Many collections were found only in the parks. with collections being specific to individual theme parks.

This 2000 featuring the fab four of Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto was a popular collector's pin set and could only be purchased as a set.

Trading Pins


The pin sets were created in limited numbers to create demand. One aspect of Disney collector pins is the trading of pins with cast members and other Disney visitors. Etiquette demands that you trade pin for pin and you can only ask for a trade, not force one.

This baby Pegasus was a rare find in October 1999 earned in trade with a Disney cast member.

Disney Princesses


Disney princesses are as popular as Disney pins as they are in most other Disney merchandise. Some princess pin sets featured the ladies in all their finery while individual pins featured the princesses in their natural attire.

This pin of Jasmine features Aladdin's princess in her filmy blue outfit.

Disney Villains


Disney villains make for popular collectible pins. Chernabog, for example, is a rare villain found on Disney art. The character is the demon featured during Fantasia's Night on Bald Mountain movement.

This pin mimics the motion that Chernabog acts out during that piece.

Collectible Mistakes


As with any collectible item, mistakes are made. This is pin titled "Berlize" is a miss-spelling of Berlioz, the youngest kitten from The Aristocats. Sometimes, when the mistake is caught, the pins are pulled early when only a few collectors have gotten their hands on the pins.

Believe in Fairies


Tinker Bell is a very popular character featured on multiple pins. The fairy who was once associated only with Peter Pan has really come into her own with films and novels devoted to her.

The growing popularity of Pixie Hollow fairies like Rosetta, Silvermist and Iridessa demonstrates that Disney fans do believe in fairies.

Theme Park Pins


The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios each boast several individual pins that represent the parks.

This Epcot pin combines the concept of the Walk of Nations arranged in a circle around the lagoon with the traditional Mickey Mouse head.

Bride and Groom


The Mickey and Minnie bride and groom pin is popular with newly married couples as they celebrate their honeymoon at Disney World.

Mickey looks very dapper in his tuxedo. Minnie is a stunning bride. The pair are walking arm and arm into their future with hopeful smiles.

Animal Characters


Animal characters like Abu from Aladdin make for great Disney pins because they have so many poses and expressions.

After all, the goal of Disney pin collecting is finding the pins of the characters you love.

Colorful Characters


The magic of Disney is found in every character moment they create from Donald and his nephews to Princess Aurora fighting against her fate. The magic of Disney pins is capturing those moments in detail for your lanyards.

The Many Faces of Mickey


No Disney pin collection would be complete without the many faces of Mickey from his time as Steamboat Willie to the Sorcerer's Apprentice. No matter which Mickey it is that you love most, you will likely be able to find him on a pin.

Some pins are also seasonal, this Mickey Halloween pin celebrates Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party for 1999.

The Yin and Yang of Disney Pins


Disney pin collecting is a passion for the enthusiasts. They seek out pins at the Disney Store, through online trades and auction houses as well as through visits to the theme parks. Since 1999, pin collecting has been the souvenir of choice for many Disney parks visitors.

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