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Disney Halloween tickets are sold each year to special events on both coasts. No matter what your age, you're sure to love the ways Disneyland and Disney World transform the parks for the ultimate Trick-or-Treat.

About Disney Halloween Tickets

Each year as summer gives way to autumn, the Disney parks' cast members begin preparing for the Halloween events that have become a tradition. On both coasts, the events are private parties, requiring separate admission. Activities include a parade, special fireworks, trick-or-treating, holiday lighting and theme decorations. Disney Halloween tickets for both Disney World and Disneyland go on sale during the summer months and are subject to availability until the afternoon of Halloween (November 1 in Florida). Rather than being just a single event, both theme parks host multiple nights of their Halloween festivities.

Disney World Ticketed Events

Starting in September, you can enjoy Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom park. Customarily taking place from 7 PM to 12 AM on select evenings, kids and adults are encouraged to roam the park for candy as you trick-or-treat Disney style. Many of the regular attractions are open during these nights, as well as exclusive entertainment and experiences. You can watch a parade featuring both Disney characters and familiar faces from the Haunted Mansion attraction. The Headless Horseman kicks off the parade each year. A spooky fireworks show featuring Disney Villains is also standard at the party, as well as designated areas of Magic Kingdom transformed into haunted hideouts.

Rules for Costumes

While costumes are not usually allowed for guests over age nine, Disney World makes an exception for the Halloween dates. Any non-scary costume is allowed for both children and adults, although people dressed as a Disney character are not allowed to pose for pictures with other guests. The rules are set in place to prevent confusion to visitors since Disney cast members do frequent the party in character costumes. Parents can rest assured the event is far from scary and is appropriate for children of all ages. Dates of admission can be found on the official website, and tickets may be purchased via the website or by calling (407) WDISNEY.

Disneyland Ticketed Events

If you're looking to purchase tickets for Disneyland Park's festivities, you'll want to do so as soon as they go on sale. Dates sell out more quickly than Disney World as the California park is smaller and the dates are more limited. Events usually start on October 1st and run select weekdays and weekends. Free admission is available for those aged 2 and under and annual pass holders receive a special discount.

Mickey's Halloween Party

The main event in Disneyland Park is called Mickey's Halloween Party and features the same private privileges as its Florida counterpart. Enjoy a fireworks show, music, treat stations, seasonal crafts, and meet your favorite characters. You can also ride specially themed attractions such as Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Again, coming in costume is encouraged, and the whole family will love exploring the park after dark. The same costuming rules apply for Disneyland, permitting adults to dress up along with their children.

Happiest Haunts Tour

At Disneyland you can also take part in the Happiest Haunts Tour, which is ticketed separately and commences twice an evening during the fall season. On this 2-hour walking tour, your ghoulish guide will tell you spooky tales as you learn about the park's history and behind-the-scenes legends, finally ending with a ride on Haunted Mansion Holiday. You will also get to skip the line for Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which often have a long wait. Finally, each guest receives a souvenir to commemorate their tour.

Celebrate Halloween With Disney

You can learn more about these events and order tickets by visiting Disneyland's official website. Both Disney properties pull out all the stops when it comes to celebrating Halloween. Consider visiting during this off-season time to avoid crowds and enjoy the holiday in a whole new way.

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Disney Halloween Tickets