Disney Pin Trading Secrets

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Disney pin trading secrets are sought by pin trading enthusiasts, hobbyists and even visitors who want to know more about what is going on at theme parks. Disney pin trading began in 1999, during the Millennium Celebration, and has continued for more than a decade.

Discover Disney Pin Trading Secrets

In today's Disney, thousands of visitors enjoy the act of pin trading with other enthusiasts, Disney cast members and other visitors to Disney parks. You will find pins, including collector's pins, available for purchase in many of the shops. The huge variety of pins out there may prove a challenge to you in the idea of collecting them all, but most hobbyists simply collect the pins that are meaningful to them.

Keep the following Disney pin trading secrets in mind when preparing for your next Disney World or Disneyland vacation:

  • Disney pins that you want to keep and not trade should be pinned with a secure lock pin back, this can help prevent you accidentally "losing" the pin.
  • Disney pins can be purchased at some Disney stores. These collectible or starter pins are a great way to be ready to trade when you head to the parks.
  • Starter sets often come with a lanyard (the neckpiece you wear that hold the pins ), but if you have pins and no lanyard, you can pick up an inexpensive one at any of the parks.
  • Cast lanyard pins are fun for collectors to find, you cannot purchase them, you can only obtain them from a cast member, and you have to ask. You will find the words Cast Lanyard Collection stamped onto the back of the pins.
  • Disney Hidden Mickey pins are the updated Cast Lanyard Collection pins as of 2003. These pins will have silver backs with a box stamped on them so you know they are the real article. These pins cannot be purchased.

Disney Pin Trading Etiquette

Disney pins are easily obtained during your vacation at a Disney park. Multiple shops sell pins and pin collectors, but you can also trade pins with any cast member wearing a lanyard or who is labeled a Disney pin trader. You may also trade with other guests. However, there is etiquette to pin trading that you should follow:

  • Understand that actual Disney pins are metal and not made of other materials
  • Pins should be in pristine or near pristine condition if you trade them
  • You should only trade one pin at a time with the safety clip on the back of the pin
  • You should never walk up and just start touching another person's lanyard
  • Disney Cast Members can only trade two pins with a guest and they must each be different
  • Try and only offer pins for trade that are not on the other person's lanyard
  • You may not trade other goods or money for a pin; if you want to buy pins, go into the shops
  • You may ask a Disney cast member if they have a Hidden Mickey pin they can trade

Pin trading can be a fantastic way to interact with cast members and other guests. Families can collect new pins in lieu of other souvenirs making the practice an inexpensive way to capture memories of the vacation. While Disney cast members do not typically own the pins they are wearing (they are owned by Disney) and are often willing to trade whatever they are wearing, be aware that other guests may not be willing. Never force a trade or act put out if someone does not want to trade with you.

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Disney Pin Trading Secrets