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Disney Star Wars pins are a combination of collectible Disney pins and celebration of the annual Star Wars weekends held at Disney's Hollywood studios from mid-May to mid-June each year.

Discover Disney Star Wars Pins

Every year, Star Wars fans of all ages descend on Disney's Hollywood Studios to celebrate the George Lucas film saga from the 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope to the more modern (and animated) Star Wars: The Clone Wars. During the eventful weekends, celebrity guests visit and Disney characters in Star Wars costumes populate the parks. Each year, these weekends also produce new Disney Star Wars pins for the pin collectors.

Star Wars Weekends pins include a special pin for pass holders only. In 2010, it was a Han Solo frozen in carbonite. These special Star Wars pins can only be purchased at Disney's Hollywood Studios during those special weekends.

Other special pins available to Star Wars fans during the exclusive weekends are:

  • Disney Vacation Club pin - In 2010, this pin featured Mickey and Donald riding tauntauns
  • Special framed sets - Collector sets are released individually and in framed sets. In 2010, one of the framed sets celebrated Yoda's 30th anniversary.

The exclusivity of the Star Wars pins make them collector's items not only for Star Wars fans, but also for Disney fans and Disney pin collectors.

Types of Star Wars Pins

There's a variety of Star Wars pins out there for you to collect. A few examples include:

Some pins can be found online through auction houses and other sources. Some visitors to the parks may pick up extras just to sell them to other collectors who cannot visit the parks.

Become a Disney Pin Trader

Disney pin trading began at Disney World during the Millennium Celebration that kicked off in October 1999. Pin trading involves thousands of guests from all over the world as well as Disney cast members. Disney pins are valued by the collector. With so many pins available, pin collectors value them for what they are worth to the individual.

Star Wars pins, particularly those produced for Star Wars weekends, may be considered priceless by the fans because of their exclusivity. Since 1999, thousands of pins have been created and many of those in a limited number and only for a limited time. The key to becoming a Disney pin trader or collector is simply to find the pins that you like and create a personal collection.

Verifying Disney Pin Origin

If you want to verify that the Star Wars Disney pin you are purchasing or trading is valid, check the back of the pin. Authentic Disney pins are stamped with a manufacturing year, series number and the size of the limited edition. If the pin does not contain this information, then you may want to question whether it is a knock off or the real thing.

Limited Edition Pins

Most Disney fan weekend pins are limited editions. If you plan a visit during a Star Wars weekend, understand that limited edition pins are sold only two per guest per day. If the pin contains a limited edition stamp, then you are limited in purchase. So plan your visit and purchases accordingly. As with all Disney policies regarding purchases, this one may be modified at the discretion of The Disney Company.

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