Disney World Jobs

Disney jobs can be high paying.

There are many Disney World jobs to choose from when looking for a magical employment opportunity. From dedicated career paths to seasonal work, there is a job at the Walt Disney Company for everyone.

Disney Company Jobs

The Walt Disney Company - including the theme parks, resorts, studios, publishers, cruise line, and other aspects of the company - employs more than 100,000 individuals in a wide array of jobs. In September 2006, for BusinessWeek magazine's inaugural "Best Places to Launch a Career" ranking, the Walt Disney Company was rated first, beating out other prestigious companies such as Google, AT & T, General Electric, the CIA, NASA, and others. With such an honor, it is no surprise that jobs at the Walt Disney World Resort are highly sought after.

Types of Disney World Jobs

Working at a Disney theme park is far different than working for the Disney animation studios or the corporate network, yet it is the theme park jobs that are often the most familiar to Disney fans. From the moment guests enter the Lake Buena Vista resort complex, they are tended to by a veritable army of Disney cast members who provide a magical fantasy show for guests to enjoy from the moment they enter a resort, purchase a souvenir, or queue up for an attraction.

The entire Disney World complex is a well coordinated, intricately designed show that would not be the same without the dedication of its cast members. The various jobs necessary to make each "show" a hit include:

  • Attractions: These employees man Disney's elaborately themed rides, providing fun trivia to guests and helping visitors safely enjoy all the wonders Disney has to offer, from checking in to the Hollywood Tower of Terror to blasting off on Disney World Mission: SPACE.
  • Luggage Representatives: These employees handle the hundreds of pieces of luggage that pass through hotel rooms each day for the dozens of hotels at Disney World.
  • Culinary Arts: The resorts' dozens of fine dining restaurants employ the skills of master chefs, pastry artisans, and other talented culinary specialists to deliver authentic gourmet cuisine to hungry yet discriminating visitors.
  • Reservation Center: These employees are the first Disney cast members that many guests come in contact with as they call to make reservations for their resort getaway.
  • Entertainment: The entire resort area may be a gigantic show, but specialized entertainers are needed to perform in numerous shows and parades, including puppeteers, jugglers, magicians, and costumed Disney characters.
  • Housekeeping: The more than 20 Disney World resorts have thousands of rooms that must be meticulously maintained for guests' relaxation and comfort.
  • Lifeguards: Safety is a paramount concern at the Disney World water parks as well as in resort pools and spa areas.
  • Maintenance: To keep the rides, shows, special effects, and other equipment running properly, Disney World employs an army of maintenance workers with specialties ranging from contracting and construction to electrical engineering, plumbing, and landscaping.
  • Merchandise: Purchasing souvenirs is a highlight of a Disney theme park getaway for many guests, and merchandise cast members keep stores stocked, clean, and efficient.
  • Quick Service Restaurants: From ice cream bars to pineapple spears to smoked turkey legs, there are hundreds of quick service food stands in the Disney parks and resorts that need adequate staffing to satisfy hungry guests.

In addition to these major categories, other Disney World jobs are available for specialized skills, including massage therapists and hair stylists for salons, wedding coordinators for fantasy destination weddings, security officers, medical first responders, and more.


Working at Disney World has distinct benefits for both full time and part time staff. Competitive wages make the pay attractive, and other perks include free park admission, heavily discounted tickets available for family and friends, discounts with the Disney Cruise Line, on-site childcare facilities, bonus pay incentives, paid holidays, retirement plans, health care programs, and discounts for local retailers. All employees also have the use of Mickey's Retreat, an employees-only recreation center with a pool, fitness center, and other facilities. The exact level of wages and other included benefits vary based on the specific job, how long the employee has been with the company, and their regular performance reviews.

Applying for Work


Interested job applicants can apply for a limited range of Disney World jobs online, or they can visit the human resources center in the resort complex to discuss current openings. The company sponsors hiring events throughout the year both on-site and at universities throughout the country. To apply, candidates should have an updated resume, college transcripts (if requested), personal and professional references, and documentation of specialized skills such as a commercial driver's license or CPR certification. Skills tests and auditions may be required for specialized positions.

Warnings About Working at Amusement Parks

While Disney jobs may seem like fantasy careers, prospective employees should be sure they have a realistic view of working at an amusement park. Employees are often asked to work greater than 40 hours per week, particularly during the peak summer and holiday seasons, and schedules may change drastically from week to week. Strict grooming guidelines are enforced, and company behavioral policies can be equally stringent. Guests who have been dedicated Disney fans for years may become disillusioned upon learning how all the behind the scenes magic works, and all employees must remember that even though they're at the Disney resorts or in the parks, they're not on vacation themselves. If employees can turn their fantasies into an employment reality, however, a job at Disney World can be a dream job come true.

For More Information

For more information about Disney World jobs, including recruitment dates, videos, and job search options, call the job hotline at (407) 828-1000 or visit any of the following websites:

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