Disney World Secrets

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Learn a few Disney World secrets before your next vacation to enhance your experience. What makes Disney World such a magical place to visit are the little things you might think are inconsequential but add to your immersion into the most wonderful place on Earth.

Learn Disney World Secrets

Multiple books and visitors' guides have been written over the years detailing the hidden wonder that Walt Disney incorporated into the Magic Kingdom. His successors, the Disney Imagineers, later incorporated them into all their other parks from Hollywood Studios to Epcot to California Adventure and the Animal Kingdom parks.

Trash Can Secrets

When Walt was planning the parks, he visited multiple parks when he began designing the Magic Kingdom. He would count the number of steps different people would take holding trash and the average number he landed on was 30 steps. In the Magic Kingdom and other parks throughout Disney World, the trashcans are within 30 steps of each other. In other words, whenever you have trash and you're looking for a place to throw it away, a trash can is just a few steps away. This reduces litter and improves the overall appearance of the parks. In the Cosmic Rays Café, listen to some of the trash cans - they talk.

The Secrets of the Seven Lands

The layout of the Magic Kingdom is such that landscaping prevents you from seeing any other land except the one in which you are standing. For example, if you are in Frontierland, you cannot see Tomorrowland. From the music to the landscaping to the color of the walkways, every aspect of the immersive lands is designed to help you forget there is a world beyond your immediate surroundings.

Cast Members Are Always in Character

If a cast member is visible to any visitor at Disney World, they are in character, this is true even when the characters are "backstage." In the areas behind the fences, the cement changes color as the cast members come near to the gates, indicating they should be in character. In this manner, Disney World works hard to make sure you don't see a Frontierland character wandering around Fantasyland and that no child ever sees Mickey with his head off.

Pick Your Lines

If you have two lines that you can get into for a ride and you cannot see the place where you actually board the ride, choose the line on your left. In theory it's most often the shorter of the two lines. If you are a first time visitor to Disney World, learn about FastPass before you ever enter the park, it can save you a tremendous amount of waiting in line for some of the more popular rides.

Talking Water Fountains

Head over to Epcot to discover the chattering water fountains. You can find them by the restrooms side of Innoventions, outside Mousegears shop, behind Innoventions West and near a fountain in between Future World and the World Showcase. Each of these water fountains chatters and if you use them, you will hear different voices complaining, joking and even poking a little fun.

A DeVine Tree

The Animal Kingdom is ripe with secrets, but one of the most incredible is the walking plant known as DeVine. DeVine is a woman on stilts decked out in foliage and makeup who wanders around and poses with the landscape. Many times when she is posing, she doesn't look like much other than the foliage and then she moves. It's truly a wonderful sight that will delight the whole family.

Discover More Walt Disney World Secrets

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Disney World Secrets