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Amateur videos are a great way to see Disney World.

Disneyworld videos (also called Disney World videos) are a great resource for anyone considering a visit to this central Florida fantasy land, but choosing which videos are valuable is more complicated than just hitting play.

Why Watch Videos?

Theme parks as intricate as Disney World are hard to capture in a few still photographs, and videos can give prospective visitors a much more realistic view of what their vacation may be like. At the same time, however, there are occasional problems with videos, and viewers need to be aware of those limitations.


Because a video is a continuous stream of images, it can give interested guests a better feeling for the attractions, shows, and other features of the Disney World theme parks. A video may capture both the exterior and interior of a ride, show an overview of a park region, or be an entertaining show review. Even a sixty second video can give viewers a better representation of a park than a dozen still images.

The best Disneyworld videos are actually taken by amateurs rather than Disney publicity officials. Amateur videos can show the real park, including lines, crowded areas, and less-than-magical moments, whereas an official video is only likely to show the best images to entice more visitors and longer vacations.


The biggest problem with many Disneyworld videos, however, is that they are incomplete. Very short videos are not much better than still photographs, and poor cinematography - blurry images, unsteady cameras, and audio interference - can make the park out to be worse than it truly is. With video equipment, including video cell phones, becoming more popular and widely accessible, however, there are a wide variety of videos available to watch online or download. By viewing a number of different videos of the same park attractions, interested guests can build an accurate view of the park.

Types of Videos

There are many different types of videos available of Disney World attractions. Nearly any aspect of the park can be and has been captured in film, including:

  • Ride videos, including exterior films, preshow areas, and video during the ride
  • Show videos and films of parades and popular characters
  • Resort overviews with views of different rooms and public areas
  • Monorail rides approaching the parks
  • Official promotional videos, such as commercials and tourist videos
  • Special event videos of concerts, holiday events, and other one-time engagements

Videos range from less than a minute to more than 30 minutes long, depending on the content and who has produced the clip. Naturally, different parks have a range of different videos, including:

'At the Magic Kingdom:'

  • The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World, Cinderella's Golden Carousel, Space Mountain, and other rides
  • Liberty Square, the Enchanted Tiki Room, and Main Street USA overviews
  • Grand Parade, Fantasy in the Sky fireworks, and other show films

'At Epcot Center:'

  • Overviews of park regions, including Germany, France, and other themed country areas
  • The Living Seas aquarium attraction
  • Mission: SPACE, Test Track, Spaceship Earth and other ride videos

'At Disney-MGM Studios:'

  • The Great Movie Ride, Tower of Terror, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid attractions
  • Show films from the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and other entertainment venues
  • Backlot V.I.P. tour videos and other backstage footage

'At Animal Kingdom:'

  • Festival of the Lion King and other show films
  • Primeval Whirl, Kali River Rapids, and other rides
  • Kilimanjaro Safari videos as well as footage of the park's extensive animal exhibits

Where to Find Disneyworld Videos


There are many websites that offer a wide range of videos for prospective guests and Disney fans to enjoy, but before watching a video, double check the format to ensure it is compatible with your computer and internet connection. Popular websites with assorted videos include:

For official park videos and tourist-oriented films, interested guests can contact a travel agent for suggestions.

Shooting Your Own Videos

Filming your own Disneyworld videos is a great way to share vacation excitement and memories with family and friends, or just to preserve the magic of a great getaway. To produce a quality video:

  • Study camera features and tools in advance to learn how to operate the equipment effectively.
  • Use fresh batteries for clear images and superior camera performance.
  • Do not focus on a single person or feature in the video; instead, pan around the area and capture the entire experience.
  • Keep the video rolling for a short time before and after the main feature to provide a good introduction and conclusion to the piece.
  • Limit camera tricks, excessive narration, and embellishments that can distract from the focus of the film.

With these simple tips, anyone can create a great vacation video to bring the magic of Disney World home with them.

Disneyworld videos are both a great introduction to the Florida theme parks as well as a great way to preserve the happy vacation memories long past returning home. By knowing what types of videos are available, as well as how to create your own, it is possible to produce your own Disney masterpiece without experience or a multi-million dollar camera crew.

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