Economy Disney Packages

Package savings can add up.

With the stress of life and financial uncertainty, it's no surprise that we just want to get away for a little fun but it's expensive to vacation at this magical resort unless you can find good economy Disney packages.

Disney and Tickets

Unfortunately you won't find Disney offering up free Disneyland tickets. The company itself does not participate in free tickets when you take timeshare tours or anything of that sort. Disney has its own in-house ticketing procedures that involve discounts on purchased days and features, including special offers and different bargains for qualified guests. A child's ticket is cheaper than an adult but for Disney they consider a child to be between 1-9 years old and adults are age 10 and up. The cost of the tickets varies from year to year but in general the single day tickets prices are $63 for children and $75 for adults. Multi-day ticket prices are gradually less expensive per day, offering guests a great deal if they plan to spend several days at the park.

Prices also increase if you wish to add on the water park feature, park hopping ability and no expiration date. Many economy Disney packages begin with the base tickets starting at a 3 or 4 day ticket. You can add the features on them at the Disney gate if you choose.

There are ways to get cheaper tickets, such as:

  • Use a travel agent as many agents can get you a decent price on just tickets without having to purchase flights, cars or the life.
  • Travel clubs are a great way for you to pay a little bit of money to get some nice perks. You may pay a nominal fee but joining a club like AAA can result in discounts of up to 25 percent on tickets and also savings on car rentals, flights, and more.
  • Disney Magic Club members get to join for a small amount of money but get treated to perks and bonuses that can include cheaper ticket packages, meal vouchers, and more.
  • If you plan on visiting Disney often think about purchasing an annual pass as you will be able to go whenever you want and wherever you want.

Options for Economy Disney Packages

The discounts for cheap tickets for Disney are really a disappointment for short-term vacationers. The more days you add the cheaper the tickets will get. Purchasing a full vacation package can have substantial savings, however. In general, a package would include your hotel, flight, tickets, and maybe a rental car or other local attractions. There aren't many vacation packages that will include everything you will want and you will quickly see that the best packages you will find are the ones you build yourself, even if you do use the help of a travel agent.

Disney Area Ticketing

Though Disney itself doesn't really offer cheap tickets or economy pricing there are other attractions that do. Taking a timeshare tour can get you free tickets to nearly any attraction of your choice (except Disney attractions) including Sea World and Universal Studios Hollywood. The many dinner theaters in the area like Arabian Knights and Capone's can also be gotten for free or greatly reduced. If you don't wish to take a timeshare tour there are many ticketing locations that will get you a couple dollars off an individual ticket. They can do this because they buy in bulk through the group sales department of the park or attraction.

Hotel and Transportation

Since you're coming on vacation you need to be able to get around the area, sleep in a clean room, and actually get to the location you're headed. If you are driving your own car then you will only need a hotel at Disneyland. For this you can get free or greatly reduced rooms by taking a 90-minute timeshare tour of a resort. Not everyone wants to waste a morning with a salesman so there are a few alternatives to consider:


There are also many places online where you can find villa homes to rent in communities. These are real homes where the owners rent them out by the week. These homes can be fairly cheap to rent out but you will have to buy groceries and get your own transportation to the parks and attractions.


Staying at a resort can make for a very good vacation. Resorts offer you many amenities you may not find at a regular hotel like mini golf, boating, and swim-up bars. Some even offer movie nights, daycare services, and pet sitting. Savvy travelers can find great deals on resort vacations if they know how to book economy packages that fit their needs.

Save On Resorts is one of dozens of Internet sites that can offer you resort deals. Individual resorts may also offer regular deals, particularly during less busy times when fewer travelers are on vacation.

Finding economy Disney packages can be a challenge, but travelers who are willing to investigate the cheapest Disney tickets and unique places to stay can often find a great bargain that will make their dream Disney getaway much more affordable.

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