Kennywood Amusement Park

Kiddieland at Kennywood
Kiddieland at Kennywood

Kennywood is located in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, approximately twelve miles from downtown Pittsburgh. From exciting rides to beautiful landscaping and an unparalleled nostalgic ambiance, Kennywood is a must-visit Western Pennsylvania theme park that has something to offer people of all ages. This great destination is ideal for families and theme park enthusiasts who are interested in a classic, fun getaway.

Kennnywood Attractions

Some of the main attractions that the park has to offer include:


Rollercoaster enthusiasts will agree that Kennywood has some of the best rides in the United States; one of the park's coasters is even on the New York Daily News list of the top 10 all time roller coasters. The park features a mix of classic wooden coasters and modern steel coasters.

Some coasters to check out include:

  • The Exterminator: This coaster takes riders for a thrill in the dark and makes them feel as if they are sewer rats. The coaster's seats twist and turn while scurrying riders through the unknown.
  • Phantom's Revenge: This coaster is unique in that the biggest drop is not the first one. After the ride is well underway, it drops from the tallest peak (235 feet), where speed reaches 85 miles per hour.
  • The Skycoaster: This thrill ride will cost a little extra once you get into the park, but it's like no other ride in the park. "Flyers" are launched from a tower 180 feet above the ground in a nylon harness. Freefalling speeds reach about 75 miles per hour in a unique skydiving and hang gliding combination.
  • The Jack Rabbit: This coaster has been a favorite since 1921. It is best known for its 70-foot, double-dip drop.
  • Racer: This classic coaster is the only single track, racing coaster in the USA. It features a reverse curve so riders begin on the right side and end up on the left.
  • Thunderbolt: This ride has been named both the Ultimate Roller Coaster and King of Coasters by the New York Times in 1974. It is unique in that it has an immediate plunge upon leaving the station and the biggest drop happens at the end of the ride. This coaster reaches speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour.

Water Rides

On a hot day, there is no better way to cool off than on an exciting water ride. Kennywood features three water rides:

  • Raging Rapids: This ride is like a beautiful white water rafting trip designed to get the riders wet. Riders not only get wet from the rapids but from water guns that onlookers shoot at them while on their journey.
  • Log Jammer: This ride places riders in a log flume and takes them on an adventure through 1,650 feet of water. The ride consists of two hills, a 27 foot drop and a 53 foot drop.
  • Pittsburg Plunge: This ride is done in a chute style that take riders down a 50 foot drop. Both riders and spectators will get soaked from the huge splash that this ride makes.

Classic Rides


Kennywood also has a wide selection of classic rides that are fun for the entire family. From the handcrafted Merry-Go-Round to the Bumper Cars, excitement can be found in every corner of the park. Some other fun rides include the Kangaroo, Whip, Turtle, Olde Kennywood Railroad and the Paddle Boats.

All classic rides require riders to be at least 46 inches tall to ride.


Kiddieland rides are available for young children so that they can enjoy the park just like the adults. Many rides allow parents to accompany young riders for family fun. In Kiddieland, you can find both old and new rides as well as games and fun scenery. Some rides to check out include the Miniature Whip, Crazy Trolley, Pounce Bounce, the Red Baron and more.

Food and Entertainment

Kennywood has shows and music throughout the day. You can expect to find strolling musicians, vocal groups on the stage as well as drummers and rhythm shows. You can also find a variety of food options from Potato Patch fries to ice cream cones and funnel cake. There are also healthy food options including salads, bottled water and more.

Tickets and Admission

Fun Day Passes

Admission to Kennywood is via a one-price FunDay pass.

  • Regular passes are priced at $39.99 and are for any over 46" tall to 54 years old
  • Junior passes are available for $26.99 and are for visitors under 46" tall.
  • Senior passes are priced at $19.99 and are for those who are age 55 and up.

Discounted passes are available for guests who wish to come to the park after 5 p.m. and for groups of 20 or more.

Season Passes

If you live near the park, you may want to consider a season pass. Each pass is priced just under $100 and includes unlimited trips to the park as well as special offers like bring-a -friend days and discounts on tickets to other local parks.

Contact Information

For more information about Kennywood amusement park, prospective guests can visit the official website or call (412) 461-0500.

Fun for All Ages

Whether you are looking for a fun weekend getaway or want to take your kids on a day adventure, Kennywood has something to offer people of all ages. In addition to summer season offerings, the park is open in the fall for Phantom Fright Nights and during the holiday season for the Holiday Lights.

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