Kings Island Theme Park

Cincinatti, Ohio

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kings Island Theme Park has more than 80 unique rides, shows, and attractions that keep guests coming back year after year. From its outstanding roller coasters to its high energy entertainment to its family-friendly cartoon characters, Kings Island has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Beast

The Beast is the park’s most well known roller coaster. Sitting on 35 acres, this terrain style wooden roller coaster hugs the ground but delivers amazing thrills over the world’s longest coaster track – 7,400 feet. Three tunnels and a strong final helix make this ride even more exciting.


One of the park’s newer coasters, Firehawk is a flying roller coaster design that takes riders through five inversions at speeds up to 51 miles per hour. Perched more than 11 stories above the ground, Firehawk will give any rider a thrill.

Blue’s Skidoo

Younger guests will enjoy a variety of children’s rides in Nickelodeon Universe, including Blue’s Skidoo. While riding Blue and Magenta, riders can gently raise and lower each car for a fun and friendly thrill. Riders must be between 36 and 54 inches tall to ride Blue’s Skidoo.

Congo Falls

Congo Falls, with its 34 foot splashtastic plunge, is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Built in 1988, this family ride is a popular one both to ride and to watch the massive wave it creates.

Coolangatta Racer

The Coolangatta Racer is four unique slides that come together for a lane race to the finish, and is part of the 30 unique waterslides in Boomerang Bay, the 15 acre water park that is part of Kings Island.

Pipeline Paradise

Riders who are at least 42 inches tall can catch a wave with body boards on Pipeline Paradise, the only surfing ride in the Midwest. This is one of the most popular attractions in Boomerang Bay, but if it’s too thrilling for you, the lazy river, wave pool, and other attractions are just as cool on a hot summer day.


Built in 1987, this classic steel looping coaster has thrilled more than 33 million riders. Through its amazing six inversions, Vortex reaches speeds up to 55 miles per hour and is sure to disorient even the most experienced coaster fanatics.


This pendulum ride seems simple, but it’s anything but mild as it swings 50 riders at a time up to 137 feet in the air through a 240 degree arc while the ride carriage rotates. Due to the ride’s restrictive harness, extremely tall riders may not be able to ride.

Son of Beast

This massive wooden coaster reaches 218 feet tall and whips through curves, dips, and drops at speeds up to 78 miles per hour. When it was first built in 2000, Son of Beast included the only wooden roller coaster loop in the world, but the loop was later removed due to excessive stress and maintenance. Ongoing problems with the ride have made its future at Kings Island theme park uncertain.

Endless Summer on Ice

Kings Island is home to a range of great live entertainment, including not only a fabulous ice skating show but also retro music revues, country shows, children’s entertainment, and fireworks spectaculars. Check a current show schedule for dates and times.

Cartoon Characters

Young guests will be thrilled not only with the park’s rides, but also with the opportunity to meet their favorite Nickelodeon characters. SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Blue, and Scooby Doo are regularly found on the midways and at the park’s main entrance.

Kings Island Theme Park

One of the most iconic features of Kings Island is the one-third scale replica of the Eiffel Tower at the park’s main gate. An observation platform is open to guests, and the tower is a perfect landmark to use for meeting friends and family members.

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