Knoebels Amusement Park

Knoebels is a great picnic place.

With classic rides at affordable prices, Knoebels amusement park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, is a fantastic getaway for adults interested in reliving the nostalgia of a retro park and for children and teens discovering new and enjoyable thrills.

About Knoebels

Located in central Pennsylvania, Knoebels got its start as a local attraction in 1926 when it first offered hay rides to visiting guests. Other early attractions included the Crystal pool, picnic areas, and eventually, carnival and thrill rides for more daring visitors. Today, the park is the largest free admission theme park in the United States and it offers a wide selection of kiddie, thrill, and family rides for everyone to enjoy, as well as delicious food and memorable attractions.

Visiting Knoebels Amusement Park

There are many things to see and do at Knoebels, and savvy guests will be sure to get a theme park map (available online or at the park) to ensure they don't miss any of the excitement.


There are many popular rides at Knoebels, including:

  • Twister: Since 1999, this intense wooden roller coaster has been thrilling guests with its fearsome layout and top speed of 52 miles per hour.
  • Sklooosh: This flume ride is the wettest at the park and drenches guests with a massive wave after a daring drop.
  • Haunted Mansion: A classic dark ride, the Haunted Mansion is at first unassuming with its creamy yellow exterior and whimsical gazebo, but the frights within the structure delight hundreds of guests each day.
  • Phoenix: This wooden coaster is 78 feet tall and reaches a top speed of 45 miles per hour as it rushes guests through hills, dips, and curves.

In addition to these and other major thrill rides, Knoebels amusement park is home to a large collection of nostalgic theme park rides, including a swinging ship, Scrambler, Whip, Rotor, Paratrooper, sky ride, bumper cars, steam engine train, tea cups, bumper boats, and giant wheel. These rides offer a nostalgic thrill for many guests as well as new fun for younger visitors. Because many other amusement parks have long since replaced these classic rides with modern attractions, Knoebels offers an interactive glimpse into amusement park history that cannot be found elsewhere.

Younger visitors can also enjoy a nice range of child-sized rides at Knoebels, including go karts, bumper cars, boats, fire trucks, a giant slide around a rocket ship, a merry go round, a ball play pit, and other fun options. This wide diversity of rides makes Knoebels a popular family theme park getaway for all ages.


With so many rides to enjoy, park guests often work up a voracious appetite at Knoebels. While free picnic pavilions are generously distributed throughout the park, guests can also indulge in many popular park treats, including soups, salads, lasagna and other pastas, fish and seafood, steaks, burgers, Reuben and other sandwiches, barbeque entrees, chili, burritos, kielbasa, and classic treats such as popcorn and ice cream. The wide variety and exceptional quality of dining experiences at Knoebels have led to industry awards and recognition for many years, and the park is sure to tempt any visitor's taste buds.


In addition to great food and fun rides, Knoebels also offers a range of additional attractions, such as:

  • 4D motion simulator theater
  • Shooting gallery
  • Bald eagle habitat and education center
  • Laser tag
  • Miniature golf
  • Fascination and other games
  • Knoebels history and carousel museums


Many amusement parks, even though they may offer plenty of fun and excitement, have outrageous gate prices that become financially prohibitive for families on a budget. Knoebels, however, has free admission, free parking, and free shows, and guests only pay for the rides and attractions they are interested in. Prices for rides range from $.70 to $5, though most rides and attractions are less than $3 each. Limited pay one price tickets are available in either sundown or all day options that cost between $12 and $37 depending on the type of ticket. Discounts for bulk ticket purchases are also available, making Knoebels affordable for any budget.

Contact Information

For more information about Knoebels amusement park, including an updated price list, park map, and other local information, interested guests can visit or call 1-800-487-4386.

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