Mamba Roller Coaster

Are you brave enough to challenge Mamba?
Are you brave enough to challenge Mamba?

The Mamba roller coaster at Worlds of Fun theme park in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the most popular steel roller coasters in the United States. With its graceful curves and powerful design, Mamba is a favorite for thousands of thrill-seekers.

About Mamba

Built in 1998 for an investment of $10 million, Mamba is an immense steel hypercoaster that thrills thousands of riders daily during Worlds of Fun's summer operating season. The classic out-and-back design of the coaster gives it a sleek grace, while the 205 foot tall first hill is a commanding part of the park's coaster skyline. The coaster reaches speeds up to 75 miles per hour along its 5,600 foot track, making it one of the top 10 longest and fastest roller coasters in the United States. During the three minute ride, passengers will experience not only the first 205 foot drop, but a second hill that soars 184 feet tall and dives into the coaster's 580 degree coiled twist at speeds higher than 60 miles per hour, creating forces more than three times the strength of gravity. That twist curls low to the ground and curves between its own supports, creating a disorienting "head chop" effect for riders and adding to Mamba's extreme thrill level. All told, a ride on the Mamba roller coaster is not for the faint of heart, and even veteran thrill seekers may find themselves shaky from the venom this coaster unleashes.

Snake Roller Coaster Themes

Mamba is named after the fast moving African snake, the deadly venomous black mamba, which is also a relative of the awesome king cobra. Many roller coasters are named after snakes because of the reptiles' fast, powerful motion and adrenaline-inducing attitudes. Other snake-themed coasters include:

Mamba Roller Coaster Riding Tips

Mamba is located, appropriately enough, in the Africa-themed section of Worlds of Fun, adjacent to the water park. The coaster runs alongside the Timber Wolf wooden roller coaster and the park's family-friendly Camp Snoopy, ensuring there are plenty of fun attractions available for any guests who aren't quite up to the challenge Mamba presents.

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to experience Mamba, and because of its sharp turns, steep drops, and powerful acceleration, the coaster is not recommended for riders who may be pregnant, are prone to motion sickness, or who have heart, back, or neck problems.


Other tips for a fantastic ride on Mamba include…

  • Arrive Early: Even though the coaster is more than 10 years old, it is still a popular ride and lines can be lengthy. Lines are generally shorter early in the day while guests visit newer attractions, or later in the evening after crowds have lightened.
  • Watch the Weather: For safety reasons, Mamba will not operate in very high winds or if there is lightning or other stormy weather in the area. After the inclement weather has passed, the ride will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Secure Loose Objects: Loose objects such as hats, cell phones, and packages are not permitted on Mamba. It is recommended that riders secure these objects in a locker or leave them with a non-rider before boarding the roller coaster. Small items may be secured in pockets during the ride.
  • Ride Properly: Many roller coaster accidents and injuries occur when riders do not obey the instructions of ride operators. Sit facing forward and keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the cars at all times. Do not try to stand up or twist around in your seat at any time during the ride, and keep your seat belt and lap bar snugly fastened.

The Mamba roller coaster is one of the most intense and powerful steel roller coasters in the United States, living up to its venomous name. Park guests who know the coaster style and how to ride it properly can brave Mamba on their next theme park getaway without risking a poisonous bite.

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