Map of Disneyworld

Use landmarks to find your way around Disney World.

A map of Disneyworld (more correctly called Disney World) can make a central Florida Disney vacation more organized and enjoyable, and there are many different maps eager guests can choose from to find their way around this massive resort complex.

Why Guests Need a Map of Disneyworld

Many guests don't bother with a park map when they visit a theme park or amusement park, but a visit to the Disney World Resort complex in Lake Buena Vista, Florida is a special exception. The resort stretches over 47 square miles and includes dozens of unique attractions, hotels, and individual parks, including:

  • The four iconic parks: the Magic Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot Center
  • Disney World's water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach
  • The Downtown Disney complex of clubs and small attractions
  • Disney's Wide World of Sports complex
  • Numerous world class golf courses
  • Dozens of Disney-related resort properties, including deluxe, mid-range, and economy options

With so many different attractions in this resort destination, a map of Disneyworld can help guests navigate to each interesting feature with minimal delays or missed turns. Choosing the right map and using it properly can help guests answer vacation questions like:

  • Is Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon closer to Animal Kingdom? (Answer: Blizzard Beach)
  • Which resorts are closest to the Magic Kingdom? (Answer: Disney's Contemporary Resort and Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa)
  • Which of the four major parks is closest to Downtown Disney? (Answer: Epcot)

These and other issues can mean the difference between a magical vacation with easy navigation or a confusing visit to the wrong part of the Disney complex, and a proper map can help prevent many problems.

Types of Maps

Most amusement parks only offer one type of park map: an overview of the park itself focused primarily on the interior attractions, rides, restaurants, and shops as well as essential features such as restrooms, first aid stations, and information booths. Disney World, however, has a much broader selection of maps for guests to choose from, such as:

  • General park overview maps for each individual park
  • Complete Disney World complex maps showing the relation of each park to other parks as well as major roads (I-15, US 192, and International Drive)
  • Hotel maps that show locations of the hotels at Disney World as well as nearby "good neighbor" properties
  • Individual resort maps for larger, more complex properties
  • Larger regional maps that show major Disney properties as well as other Orlando attractions, such as Universal Studios, Sea World, and necessary details such as the Orlando International Airport and major roads

To be properly prepared, guests should pick up several different types of maps and familiarize themselves with the map legends, features, and coverage areas so they can consult them quickly and easily at any time during their Disney getaway.

Where to Find Maps

Guests can find a map of Disney World in many different locations long before they begin their fantasy getaway. Disney guide books from major bookstores frequently include fold out or reduced scale maps, and travel agents can provide brochures featuring different types of Disney maps. Even road atlases of the Orlando area will show the basic location of different Disney properties, but they typically do not have as much detail as required to navigate freely around the resort area. Many Disney maps can also be found on a number of websites, including:

  • WDW Info: Overall resort map showing all Disney properties.
  • WDW Info: List of available maps for different parks, resorts, and other individual Disney properties.
  • Illustration map and street map of major park locations.
  • Walt Disney World Resort: Official site with maps of all major parks with interactive links to rides and attractions.
  • Larger area map showing Disney parks, the Orlando International Airport, and other regional attractions.

Once guests have arrived in Florida, they can find brochures and maps at the airport and car rental locations, as well as at local hotels. Maps are also included in Disney World informational material available at each park entrance, information booths within the parks, and in souvenir stores, plus guests can check out the you-are-here maps conveniently located throughout each park.

Map Use Tips

Having a good map is pointless if it isn't used properly. In addition to general navigational use, maps can be used for the following tasks:

  • As a checklist for popular shows, rides, and other attractions
  • To set a meeting place in case groups get separated
  • To find shortcuts through less popular areas of the resort
  • To save time by avoiding winding routes and backtracking
  • To plan a route or schedule for visiting different attractions
  • As colorful, free souvenirs of a great vacation to put in a scrapbook or memory box

Finding a map of Disneyworld and using it properly is a great start to an easy, stress-free fantasy getaway to one of the largest theme park complexes in the world, and staying oriented will help guests get lost in the fun instead.

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Map of Disneyworld