Pirate's Cove Theme Park

Pirate themes are popular with kids.

Pirate's Cove Theme Park is a place for kids ages two to nine to have fun and for parents to sit back and enjoy the smiles. As part of the Elk Grove Park District in Illinois (a northwestern suburb of Chicago), the park knows how to show its guests a good time. It was built twenty-five years ago, so it's got quite a bit of experience entertaining children during the summer months (the park is open June through August).

Stimulating Creativity and Imagination

The mission of Pirate's Cove is to allow children to be creative and imaginative. Hopefully, that skill will continue to manifest over time and leave such imprints in their personalities that they become well-rounded adults who are able to think outside the box. Even if the park doesn't have quite that lasting impression, it's still a fun time for families.

What to Do and See

The park has quite a few rides to keep the children entertained. There are slides, trains, boats, and climbing opportunities. The newest ride is called the Pirate Plunge, where children can race down a slide. If they're in the mood to splash around, they can enjoy the Paddle Boats, and the restored 1950s Herschell Kiddie Carousel with its 22 hand-painted horses is beautiful as well as fun.

Other rides include the Castle of Camelot, a climbing opportunity that features tunnels, nets, tires and more, including Misty, the friendly park dragon; the Safari Express, where kids and their parents can all ride a train through the park; and the Smugglers Crag, a 20-foot tall climbing wall with different ascents for a variety of difficulty levels. Picnic at the Eighteenth Century Pirate Ship or satisfy your sweet tooth at Mollies Concessions. The park can even host birthday parties for a small group or renting out the entire park - what a treat for young buccaneers!

Pirate's Cove Children's Theme Park also hosts numerous special events during the year, such as carnivals, a Wizard Fest, toy swaps, hero days, Grandparent's Day, craft fairs, and more. While these special events may bring bigger crowds to the park, they also give families even more things to do and see.

Visiting Pirate's Cove Theme Park

Pirate's Cove is in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and is open from June to August. During the week, they're open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays, the park opens an hour earlier. It is closed on Sundays and the 4th of July.

Admission prices are incredibly reasonable. Elk Grove Village residents pay $7 and non-residents pay $9. Usually, kids under a certain age get into theme parks free, but in this case, the adults are the ones who get free admission. There are also VIP (Very Important Pirate) passes available for $35 per child or $45 per non-resident child. Families with three or more children can get family passes for $75 or $85 per family for non-residents.

Combo passes are also available. They combine Pirate's Cove with another park nearby, Pavilion Aquatic Center. Each child who hops in the pool needs an accompanying adult; adult passes for the pool are not free. Prices for residents are $10 for children and $5 for adults. For non-residents, the prices are $12 and $7, respectively.

Pirate's Cove theme park is mostly for kids between the ages of two and nine, but there are things for the parents to do, as well. In addition to things like train rides and delicious snacks, parents can sit back and enjoy the fact that their children can amuse themselves in the beautiful outdoors on a bright, sunny summer day.

Contact Information

For more details about Pirate's Cove, interested guests can visit the official website, call (847) 439-COVE (in the off-season, call (847) 690-1129), or write to…

Pirate's Cove Children's Theme Park
901 Leicester
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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Pirate's Cove Theme Park