Raging Waters Coupons

Coupons and other discounts can keep cash in your wallet.

Splash into savings with Raging Waters coupons and discover just how much fun it can be to experience some of California's best water parks without drowning in debt.

About Raging Waters

Raging Waters is a trio of water theme parks in California, with two locations in northern California -- San Jose and Sacramento - and one in southern California, in San Dimas near Los Angeles. These are the largest water parks in the state and offer a wide range of attractions, including:

  • Interactive funhouse play areas with water cannons, fountains, waterfalls, cargo nets, and more
  • Multiple water slide designs, including tube, drop, speed, serpentine, mat racing, bowl, flume, and half pipe styles
  • FlowRider surfing simulators
  • Water volleyball and other water sports areas
  • Lily pad walks and different challenge courses
  • Wave pools
  • Lazy and adventure rivers
  • Sand volleyball courts and horseshoe pits

Each park offers a unique layout with different attractions, and before visiting the park it is a good idea to check out a theme park map or visit the official website for more specific details.

Finding Raging Waters Coupons

Tickets for the Raging Waters parks range from $25 to $35 per guest depending on the park. Coupons can make visiting these parks more affordable for any budget, but coupons can be challenging to come by. Sources for coupons may include:

  • Local grocery stores or chain restaurants
  • Local credit unions
  • Local employers who offer discounted tickets to their employees
  • The Anaheim Funbook and other local attraction guides
  • Coupons on the official website, RagingWaters.com
  • Coupons printed on park brochures

Coupon offers are usually available only for a limited time and may have a variety of restrictions. Be sure to read all offers carefully before using, and check for restrictions such as expiration date, limits on the number of discounts, blackout dates, which parks the offer is valid for, and other qualifications.

Other Discounts for Raging Waters

While there may not be many Raging Waters coupons available, there are other ways to find discounts for these popular water parks. Purchasing tickets online and in advance can result in significant savings, often several dollars per ticket. Combinations packages with other area attractions (zoos, other theme parks in California, the state fair, etc.) are occasionally offered, and discounts may be available for military personnel, senior citizens, or AAA members.


Season passes also offer a great value for Raging Waters. Pass prices range from $40 to $65 depending on the park where they are purchased, and they are valid for all three parks. Visiting even one park just two or three times during the summer can result in substantial savings.

More Ways to Save

In addition to saving money on admission, there are other ways to save when visiting Raging Waters.

  • Use public transportation to avoid parking fees.
  • Choose discount hotels for extended visits, preferably ones close enough to walk to the park.
  • Avoid eating in the park and instead leave for an hour or two to have a less expensive meal elsewhere.
  • Plan your visit during less busy park periods to get the most value from the admission price and avoid longer lines and larger crowds.
  • Bring all necessary accessories to the park, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and towels to avoid needing to purchase these items from souvenir stands.
  • Take advantage of all day lockers (and the refundable deposit) to keep valuables safe while at the park, or save even more by leaving valuables locked in a vehicle or hotel room while visiting.

Using Raging Waters coupons and other discount offers can make a visit to these amazing water parks affordable as well as fun. With a little savvy planning, it is easy to have a splashtastic time without spending too much.

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Raging Waters Coupons