Sesame Street Theme Park

Sesame Place is near Philadelphia.

Sesame Street is a familiar place to parents and children, full of friends and fun, but now families can actually visit a Sesame Street theme park complete with rides and attractions that bring this extraordinary children's television show to life.

About the Sesame Street Theme Park

The park, officially named Sesame Place, first opened in 1981 a half hour's drive northeast of Philadelphia. It includes both wet and dry attractions, with the waterpark integrated throughout the park for superb crowd management, and the bright colors and fun characters are appealing to kids of all ages.


There are many things to do at Sesame Place, though eager visitors should note that the majority of the attractions are most suitable for toddlers and preteens rather than older guests. There are no massive roller coasters at this park, but families with children will delight in the fact that very few attractions have strict limitations. Popular items to visit include:

  • Monster Maze: This massive tangle of punching bags is a fun way to get lost.
  • Nets 'n' Climbs: This three-story cargo net complex includes net tunnels, slopes, and multiple levels for everyone to practice their climbing skills.
  • Cookie Mountain: Younger guests will love challenging this blue vinyl mountain and sliding down its slopes.
  • Grover's World Twirl: This character-themed teacup ride puts a fun and exciting spin on the day's adventures.
  • Vapor Trail: This family-friendly roller coaster reaches speeds up to 25 miles per hour along its graceful, curvy course.
  • Blast Off: This kid-friendly bounce tower will launch many laughs with its multiple blasts.

Guests interested in cooling off will enjoy the park's water attractions, such as:

  • Big Bird's Rambling River: This lazy river also includes geysers, waterfalls, and tipping coconuts for splashy surprises.
  • Rubber Duckie Pond: This shallow pool contains an interactive area especially for the youngest guests.
  • Sky Splash: This family slide towers six stories into the sky and gives everyone a good soaking on the way down.
  • Sesame Streak: Single or double riders can take on this fun inner tube water slide.
  • Count's Fount: This wading pool with nets, waterfalls, and foamy sprays is a great way for everyone to cool off.


Of course, the Sesame Street television show is great entertainment, and no Sesame Street theme park would be complete without great shows for families to enjoy. Several options are available each day, including Big Bird's Beach Party and the interactive Elmo's World Live! shows. The Rock Around the Block parade through the center of the park includes the most characters of any entertainment venue, and kids can also meet their favorite characters at various times and locations each day. Popular characters, such as Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Baby Bear, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Telly Monster, and Grover, can be found in different shows as well as other appearances and special events such as character breakfasts and lunch dining options (extra fees apply).


For generations, Sesame Street has also been about education, and the amusement park offers several educational programs for preschoolers and children in kindergarten through third grade. Programs may focus on writing, math, or other basic concepts, and details are available on the park's website.


With so many ways to work up an appetite, it is no surprise that Sesame Place offers many dining options, complete with children's menus and meals available in souvenir lunch boxes. In addition to the character dining parties, restaurants and stands serve many kid-friendly favorites such as pizza, hot dogs, French fries, chicken fingers, ice cream, soft pretzels, fudge, cotton candy, lemonade, and milk.

Visiting Sesame Place

Visits to this family amusement park can be arranged anytime during its regular operating season from May through October. Hours vary and the park is never open later than 8 p.m. so even young guests don't need to miss a thing.


One day general admission tickets are $47.50 for adults, with discounts are available for senior citizens and AAA members. Because all the attractions are geared toward children, there are no discount children's tickets. Twilight admission prices are $29.50 - available after 2 p.m. when the park closes at 5 or 6 p.m., or after 4 p.m. when the park closes at 8 p.m. Passport prices range from $75 to $145 depending on the type of pass, and a payment plan is available. Group discounts are also available.

To accommodate families easily, lockers, strollers (both single and double models), wagons, electric assistance vehicles, and wheelchairs can all be rented. Parking is $13, while preferred parking closer to the entrance is $16.

Contact Information

For more information about this Sesame Street theme park, interested guests can call (215) 752-7070, visit online at or write:Sesame Place
100 Sesame Rd.
Langhorne, PA 19047


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