Wildwater Kingdom

Thunder Falls Water Slide
Thunder Falls Water Slide

Wildwater Kingdom is the perfect getaway for the summer heat in Aurora, Ohio. The park sits on 17 acres of land, at the edge of Geauga Lake, where several former amusement parks once stood. The first was Geauga Lake amusement park founded in 1887, opening its doors in 1888. In more recent times, it became Six Flags Ohio, then Six Flags World of Adventure, which absorbed SeaWorld Ohio. Eventually, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure closed in 2007. Then in 2008, the park began operating solely as Wildwater Kingdom, which is a Cedar Fair Entertainment Company Park.

Wildwater Kingdom Attractions

The great thing about Wildwater Kingdom, despite its small size, is that it offers a lot of entertainment for adults and kids alike. Look for both water activities and dry land attractions.

Water Activities

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a wet and wild time at the park!

Riptide and Liquid Lightning
Riptide and Liquid Lightning
  • Thunder Falls: This water slide is a 100-foot tall tower of excitement. Choose from three enclosed body slides and four inner tube slides, all of which will twist you down to the refreshing pool at the end. Height requirement is 48 inches.
  • Coral Cove: Lounge around with friends or just simply have fun in this kid-friendly pool. Height requirement is 48 inches.
  • Liquid Lightning: Board a multi-person raft to ride this huge 60-foot-high, 253-foot-long slide. You'll plunge down the slide, finishing by pouring through an oversize funnel at the end into the pool. Height requirement is 48 inches.
  • Riptude Run: This 1,100-foot lazy river offers a great way to wind down your busy day and relax. Grab an inner tube and coast around the coral cove and liquid lightning attractions. Height requirement is 42 inches.
  • Splash Landing: This kid-friendly wet jungle gym has water cannons, geysers, slides, and a 1,000-gallon bucket dump. It is great for children of all ages. Height restrictions vary depending on the portion of the attraction.
  • Tidal Wave Bay: Have a blast in this 390,000-gallon wave pool. Height requirement is 48 inches. Swimmers under 42 inches need to be accompanied by an adult.

In addition to all these fun activities, Wildwater Kingdom also offers training programs for children to get them more involved in the experience. The park has swim lessons for children from ages 3 - 10 and a junior lifeguard program for those ages 11 - 15.

Dry Land Attractions

If you've had your fill of water-related fun, Wildwater Kingdom offers a number of kid-friendly dry attractions as well.

Little Tikes Town
Little Tikes Town
  • Fossil Dig Site: Kids can dig in the sand and discover the many hidden fossils underground.
  • Little Tikes Town: This sponsored play area for children includes toys and play houses perfect for when the kids need a break from the water.
  • Lost Treasure Cove: Kids can dig in a sand lot for gems and fossils. Purchase of mining bag is necessary at Lost Treasure Cove.
  • Beach Family Activity Center: You'll find giant checkers, chess, and a sand lot to play around in here. This attraction is perfect for children and adults.
  • Sand Volleyball Court: The sand volleyball court is available if you want to team up and get a game going.

Dining Options

Like other water parks, Wildwater Kingdom offers several dining options within the park itself.

Places to Eat

Dining options include:

  • Big Daddy's: Offers snacks and meals such as Italian Sausage, Nachos, Burgers, and hot dogs. This establishment is near the entrance.
  • Calypso Coolers: Serves hard and soft ice cream, smoothies, and root beer floats. Calypso Cooler is located near Coral Cove and Liquid Lightning.
Happy Harbor Cafe
Happy Harbor Cafe
  • Coconut Grove: A great place to get snack like dippin' dots, nachos, and cotton candy. It is located near the island oasis right on the edge of the lake.
  • Happy Harbor Cafe: A great place grab burgers and other great summertime meals.
  • Pizza Pier: Located near the entrance, this is a great option for pizza lovers.
  • Tidal Wave Bay: Offers refreshments like shaved ice and soft drinks, as well as snacks like pretzels and fries.
  • Tropical Waters Bar & Grille: Enjoy mixed drinks, beer, sodas and entrees served on the patio area.

Dining Passes

The park offers several dining plans if you're interested in adding various meal plans, or purchasing a season pass.

  • Single Meal Deal: For $11.99, enjoy an entrée, side, and fountain drink. This can only be purchased online.
  • All Day Dining Plan: Receive a wristband and enjoy an entrée and side as frequently as every 90 minutes. Drinks are not included, and the plan is $25.99. Purchase online or at any ticket window or participating location within Wildwater Kingdom.
  • All Season Dining Plan: Enjoy lunch and dinner (four hour interval between meals required) on each visit, all season long. Drinks are not included and the plan starts at $72. Purchase the All Season Dining Pass with your season pass to the park.

While drinks are not included in the All Day Dining Plan and All Season Dining Plan, the park does offer a Souvenir Drink Bottle special. Purchase online and get free refills on your first visit. Enjoy 99 cent refills the rest of the season.

Dining Tips

Wildwater Kingdom does not allow you to bring outside food and drinks. There are picnic table set up in the parking lot to facilitate enjoying your own meals easier. Planning out your dining can help you avoid the heavy rush and long wait times. As with other parks, consider dining outside of the normal lunch rush hour, perhaps after 2 p.m., to avoid the crowd. This rule of thumb also applies to the use of the picnic tables in the parking lot.

V.I.P. Cabana Rentals

Located near the rear of the water park, Wildwater Kingdom offers cabana rentals. These are ideal for those looking to ensure a shady spot throughout the day. A few items of note with the Cabana rentals include:

  • You must reserve your cabana online the day before to ensure availability. Otherwise they are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If you don't claim your cabana by 11:59 am, it will be put back in the rental pool.
  • Cabana prices start at $75 for the first four people. Additional persons are charged $5, up to a maximum of eight occupants.
  • New Deluxe Dasani Cabanas available for rent. These have a maximum capacity of 16 persons. They are $199 for the first eight occupants, and $5 for each additional person up to the max of 16. This super V.I.P. cabana is decked out with sofa-style seating, ceiling fans, a flat screen tv and small dining table.
  • Wristbands are issued to verify who should have access to the V.I.P. cabanas
  • There is no charge for children 2 and under.
  • Food and drink service is available inside the cabana, for an additional cost.

Park Admission

The park is open from the Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., with an extended 8 p.m. closing time during peak summer months. If you want to avoid the large crowds, try to visit Wildwater Kingdom midweek and skip major holidays, like 4th of July.

General Admission

As of 2015, general entrance at the gate is $32.99 for visitors 48 inches or taller. Senior citizens, ages 62 and over, and children under 48 inches tall are both $15.99. There is a starlight entrance. The starlight entrance is $19.99, which is only available four hours before the park closes. Purchasing your tickets online saves money, with the price per ticket discounted to $24.99.

Season Pass

A season pass very often is a great deal if you live in Ohio and intend to visit the water park more than once. A season pass sells for $74.99. Season pass holders get a $10 discount on cabana rentals on weekends and holidays, and up to 50% on weekdays. The season passes also includes free parking, which is $10 per day otherwise.

Military Discount

The park offers a military discount. All retired and active armed forces personnel and direct family members (spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren) who are with them can purchase one-day passes at the gate for $19.99. Valid military ID required.

Tips for Your Visit

To make the most of your visit to Wildwater Kingdom, get there early. Allow plenty of time to get into the park at opening time as peak time tends to be after mid-day.


One concern many parents often have is safety when it comes to kids at a water park. The general consensus with many online reviewers is that lifeguards do an excellent job at Wildwater Kingdom and are very attentive at all times. Visitors deemed as weak swimmers will be required to wear a life vest.

General Park Tips

  • Rent an inner tube to go on tube rides for the day. The alternative would be to wait for a tube to be available, then join the line for the ride.
  • More than 60% of the rides have a minimum height requirement of 48 inches. Pay close attention to height requirements so you don't waste time standing in line for a ride that your kids can't ride yet.
  • Remember to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • There are few places for shade unless you rent a cabana, so bring along plenty of sunblock.
  • The park does not provide towels for guests, but they do have them for sale if you forget to bring one along.
  • Consider renting a locker if you're bringing valuables. At least one reviewer on TripAdvisor reported having belongings taken from a beach bag.
  • If you are travelling with family, friends, or children, establish a meet-up location in the event you get separated. There is no public address system in the park.
  • Ride the water slides before eating to reduce the risk of you or your companions feeling nauseated.
  • While lifeguards are on duty, they are not a replacement for proper parenting. Always keep an eye on your children, especially the younger ones.

Park Rules to Note

Wildwater Kingdom has several important park rules to take note of. These include:

  • Dress Code: Appropriate swimwear is necessary in any pool or slide. Wearing comfortable shorts and a shirts are perfectly acceptable, as long as nothing is too revealing. Attire cannot display any offensive words, statements, or profanity.
  • Photography: No photography or video taking is allowed anywhere inside the park.

Enjoy Your Time in the Park

Whether you're a local or if you'll be traveling to the area in order to visit the park, Wildwater Kingdom is a great choice for a wet and wild time near Cleveland, Ohio. With so many activities available, everyone in your family is sure to have a blast every time you visit.

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