Pictures of Wild Adventures Theme Park

Boomerang Roller Coaster

Checking out pictures of Wild Adventures theme park can show any prospective guest just how much this Valdosta, Georgia park has to offer. With thrilling rides such as the popular Boomerang roller coaster, exotic animals including reptiles, mammals, and birds, and an amazing water park with slides and other aquatic attractions, there is something for everyone at this exciting park.

All pictures are courtesy of Wild Adventures.

Bengal Tiger

Wild Adventures is home to a variety of African animals, including Bengal tigers, zebras, giraffes, lions, elephants, and blackbucks, all of which can be found in the park's African Pridelands section.


The Rattler ride will thrill adrenaline-seeking guests. Designed like a giant pendulum, this ride swings six stories into the air and through 240 degrees. Riders must be 48 inches tall to challenge Rattler, and the ride is not recommended for individuals with heart, back, or neck trouble.

Splash Island

The brilliant Aloha entrance to Splash Island, Wild Adventures' water park, will make guests feel right at home as they challenge water slides, a wave pool, and a water fortress, all with a colorful Polynesian theme.

Animal Encounters

Guests can get up close and personal with the animals of Wild Adventures through various encounter programs. These make great photo opportunities for families and they will be memories to cherish for years.

Wahee Cyclone

The Wahee Cyclone water slide takes riders down a 45 foot tunnel before they swirl through a giant funnel and into the splash pool. With four-person inner tubes, this ride is great for the whole family.

American Alligator

The American alligator is one of hundreds of different animals that call the park home. Other reptiles include snakes, iguanas, tortoises, and more that are sure to delight children of all ages.

Rain Fortress

The Polynesian Adventure Rain Fortress is a fun play spot for guests who visit Splash Island. With water cannons, fountains, buckets, and other interactive water features, this is the best place to cool off on a hot southern summer day.


The Hangman roller coaster takes guests through seven inversions at speeds reaching higher than 60 miles per hour while its whisper-quiet track ensures that every scream of delight can be heard from the midway. Guests must be at least 52 inches tall to ride.


Not only can guests see exotic African animals at Wild Adventures, but they can also purchase food from nearby gift shops to feed the giraffes, adding a very personal touch to an amazing experience.

Banzai Pipelines

The Banzai Pipelines are a popular trio of water slides in Splash Island. Riders, who must be at least 48 inches tall, can choose from a steep drop slide, a speed slide with a pair of dips, or a smooth, curving slide.

Lorikeet Landing

The 7,000 square foot Lorikeet Landing Aviary is a free flight exhibit that is home to colorful lorikeets, parakeets, and koi. The birds are used to human contact and will easily land on shoulders, hands, and heads, particularly if visitors purchase nectar to tempt them with a treat.

Catchawave Bay

There is no better place to cool off and relax in Splash Island than the 20,000 square foot wave pool, Catchawave Bay. The waves operate on 15 minute intervals to give everyone a chance to enjoy some splashing.

Swamp Thing

The Swamp Thing roller coaster is a thrilling family ride that has smooth curves and dips with speeds up to 30 miles per hour. To make the ride even more exciting, it dips right down toward menacing American alligators!

Petting Zoo

The Furry Friends Petting Zoo is home to miniature ponies, goats, calves, rabbits, and chicks. Guests can pet and feed these animals, creating wild memories of their trip to Wild Adventures.

See Tips for Visiting Wild Adventures Theme Park for suggestions to help you make the most of the time you have to spend at the park!

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Pictures of Wild Adventures Theme Park