Visiting Soak City Cedar Point

Soak City Cedar Point
Soak City Cedar Point

Soak City Cedar Point is an 18-acre water wonderland located beside Sandusky, Ohio's Cedar Point amusement park. Regular expansions since the water park first opened in 1988 have made it a world-class water park. In 2015, TripAdvisor ranked the park among the best 25 amusement parks in the United States.

Soak City Cedar Point Attractions

If you're a fan of water parks, you're sure to have a great time at Soak City Cedar Point. TripAdvisor reviewers praise the family-friendly park for being "clean, safe and fun." The water park has a range of attractions, for guests of all ages, from inner tube slides to body slides to other wet and wild activities. As stated in a review on, the water park "has water rides and slides for adults and teens, and playgrounds in pools for small kids." There's a little something for everyone, and many attractions to enjoy.

Water Slides

The park's many water slides offer thrilling options, as well as fun that is a bit more tame. Except for Dragster H2O, all the water slides have a 48-inch minimum height requirement.

  • Dragster H2O: Zip down this "mat racer" water slide for thrilling fun! If you enjoy speed, you're sure to love racing along on this slide that features both plateaus and dips. The minimum height requirement for this ride is 42-inches. This attraction was added in 2012. A reviewer on the Cedar Point blog exclaims, "It was AWESOME! I recommend it to everyone!"
  • Eerie Falls: This black serpentine slide can be challenged by single or double inner tubes, and the dark tunnels along the three separate slides keep riders guessing about the next splash. A review on indicates, "Riders who are afraid of the dark, but love the water, will find a thrilling ride on Eerie Falls."
  • Body Slides: Choose among the park's three body slides, each of which will take you on a wet ride through tunnels that are sure to thrill you! A comment in the Ceder Point Trip Planning thread in the forum says that one of the park's body slides is "insane" (in a good way). The commenter exclaims that it "Has amazing speed and airtime actually!!"
  • Inner Tube Slides: There are a total of five inner tube slides, two of which offer a thrilling ride through courses featuring loops and tunnels. The other three are a bit more mild, but still offer a splashing good time! If you're new to water slides, start off with the milder options before deciding if you want to try the more thrilling options. As Experience the Point recommends. . .just "grab a tube and start to slide!!"

Splashtastic Attractions

Water slides aren't your only option for fun here. Examples of other popular attractions include:

 Soak City Cedar Point Splash Zone
Splash Zone
  • Splash Zone: This family-friendly fun zone has more than 100 leaky pipes, water sprays, geysers, small slides, and water guns, all topped with a 1,000 gallon tipping bucket that regularly drenches everyone beneath it. Three of the seven slides in this area are reserved for visitors under 40-inches tall, while the others are reserved for taller guests.
  • Main Stream: This lazy river provides a great way to kick back and relax while enjoying water-based fun. Guests under 42-inches tall must have a "supervising companion" to enjoy this attraction.
  • Renegade River: An outrageous alternative to the standard lazy floating river, this rambunctious stream has a faster speed as well as canyons, waterfalls, and other wet hazards. A review on states, "The river really moved you along at a good speed and at points there were rapids." The reviewer indicates that the "rapids" really make this ride unique. Kids under 42-inches tall must have a "supervising companion."
  • Soak City Cedar Point Zoom Flume
    Zoom Flume
    Zoom Flume: This family raft slide starts more than seven stories above the ground, whips through winding curves, and ends in a splash everyone will enjoy. Riders must be at least 46-inches tall.
  • Breakers Bay: This 500,000 gallon wave pool features nearly four-foot waves on regular cycles that guests can body surf or brave with inner tubes. Guests who are less than 48-inches tall are required to wear life vests. The same is true for anyone who is a weak swimmer.
  • The Beach: Cedar Point originally opened more than 130 years ago as a bathing beach, and the Cedar Point Beach is still a popular attraction with visitors, including individuals visiting Soak City. Water sport rentals including jet skis and kayaks are available.

Attractions for Little Kids

The water park has a few attractions designed especially for little ones!

  • Adventure Cove Lily Pad Walk: Daring visitors can attempt the lily pad walk, quick slides, and oversized floats of this play area. Kids under 46-inches tall must have a "supervising companion."
  • Choo Choo Lagoon: Young guests will love this wading pool just for kids with its train theme, miniature slides, and surprising geysers.
  • Tadpole Town: Small kids can enjoy wading and splashing around in this interactive play area. Features include tire swings, water curtains, geysers and a twisty water slide.
  • Toddler River: This is a scaled-down lazy river reserved just for young ones. It's ideal for youngsters that aren't quite ready for Main Stream, as well as for young children whose parents would prefer to watch from the sidelines.

Staying Dry

Despite the wide array of wet attractions, there are still ways to stay dry at Soak City. For example, there are plenty of sunbathing areas. Guests can rent semi-private cabanas with chaise lounge chairs and umbrellas and lockable boxes for storing items. Umbrellas are also available throughout the park. You can even take a time-out from the sun while you shop for souvenirs, water toys, swimwear and other items at the Soak City Surf Shop.

Food and Drink

There's no reason to go hungry or thirsty during your time in this water park! Refreshment options include:

  • Soak City Cedar Rapids Breakers Bay
    Breakers Bay
    Raging River Refreshments: This dining spot is the perfect place if you're a fan of pizza, fries and frozen treats like banana splits and milk shakes.
  • Rapid Waves Café: Head to this dining spot if you have a hankering for burgers, chicken fingers, fruity frozen drinks and soft serve ice cream.
  • Subway: If you're more in the mood for a deli sandwich, visit the on-site Subway restaurant.
  • Bubbles Swim Up Bar: This adults-only attraction is available to Soak City guests over 21, and it offers refreshments as well as other relaxing amenities.


The water park is open seasonally from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, but hours vary throughout the season. You can purchase daily admission tickets directly from the park's website during the season. You can purchase tickets just for Soak City, or you can opt for combo tickets that include admission to both the Cedar Park amusement park and the water park.

Pricing is not yet available for the 2016 season (as of October 2015). For 2015, according to, individual adult tickets were $35 (Soak City admission only) each. Junior tickets (over the age of three or under 48-inches tall), senior tickets (age 62 and beyond) and evening-only admission tickets are also available. Children under two are free. Check the website for exact pricing and special offers, as well as hours of operation.

Other ticket options include:

Soak City Cedar Rapids Slide
Body slide
  • Season passes: If you plan to visit frequently throughout the season, or if you expect to go to multiple Cedar Fair amusement parks during the year, consider investing in a Platinum Pass. This pass covers unlimited admission to all the parks owned by Cedar Fair. Additional benefits include free on-site parking and the ability to gain early entry to beat the crowds. For the 2016 season, these passes cost $189 and you can break up the cost by making nine payments of just $21 each.
  • Group tickets: If you will be visiting the park with a group of 15 or more people three years of age or older, you can benefit from group pricing. For groups, regular admission costs $23 per person, while admission for juniors and seniors is priced at $18. You'll need to make reservations for your group in advance via the park's Group Sales department.


As with any water park visit, safety is an important concern. Safety is a priority at this park though it's important for you to follow all the park's policies and procedures.

  • Soak City Cedar Rapids Dragster H2O
    Dragster H2O
    Lifeguards: Safety is a priority at this park. You'll notice plenty of lifeguards on duty throughout your time there. One Yelp reviewer states, "Lifeguards are a-plenty and ... they all seemed to take their jobs very seriously which made me feel safe!" Another reviewer reports being "very pleased and impressed with the amount of lifeguards there."
  • Life jackets: The park also makes life jackets available to guests at no charge and encourages kids and others who do not have strong swimming skills to use them. The park reserves the right to require life jackets in situations where personnel deem that it is necessary. Visitors may also bring a Coast Guard certified life jacket if they wish.
  • Sun protection: Sun protection is also critical. Be sure to protect your skin by wearing waterproof sunscreen and reapplying frequently throughout your time in the park. If you forget to bring sunscreen or if you run out, pop in to the Soak City Surf Shop and pick up some more.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of convenient places to stay when visiting this water park.

  • Cedar Point Resorts: For maximum convenience and luxury, you may want to stay at one of the six official Cedar Point Resort properties.
  • Sandusky Hotels: There are numerous other hotels within an easy driving distance of the water park:
    • Days Inn Sandusky and Rodeway Inn South are budget-minded properties located within two miles of the park. They're not fancy, but they both offer a great option for frugal travelers looking for a comfortable place to stay.
    • South Beach Resort offers quaint hotel rooms and charming cottages on a quiet stretch of Lake Erie. It's a great place to relax just a little over two miles from the park, providing a wonderful retreat where you can recharge and enjoy the region.
    • View additional options on
  • Campgrounds: There are also a number of campground options, including official Cedar Point facilities and numerous choices in the surrounding area.

Have a Great Time at Soak City

Soak City Cedar Point is a great place to enjoy water-focused fun in Ohio! That's why the water park is listed as one of the seven top Cedar Point attractions on Keep in mind that the park gets very crowded during peak season. If you want to go when crowds are at their smallest, stick with weekdays and avoid the days immediately surrounding holidays (like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day).

You can spend as much or as little time at Cedar Point Soak City as you would like. To make the most of your fun, the CP Food Blog recommends including both Cedar Point amusement park and Soak City in your plans, either spending half of a day at each park, or dedicating one full day to both. It's up to you to decide which option best meets your needs. Either way, you - and everyone in your group - is sure to have a water-filled blast!

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