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Videos of roller coasters are enjoyed by enthusiasts and the curious alike.

Find Videos of Roller Coasters

Videos of roller coasters are everywhere. In the modern world video cameras are more compact, more common place and are even built into cell phones. From roller coaster enthusiasts to first timers, videos are uploaded to multiple sites including YouTube, allowing visitors to savor a roller coaster ride anywhere in the world without stepping foot inside the park.

Roller coasters are a popular hobby for enthusiasts around the world. They enjoy traveling to various amusement parks in order to ride everything from the classic roller coaster to the latest designs. From the wooden roller coaster to the inverted to the hanging roller coaster, there is a little something for everyone out there.

Make Your Own Roller Coaster Video

If you love roller coaster videos and are interested in making your own, here is a short guide on what you need to do to make the best video you can. First and foremost, roller coaster videos tend to be shaky. The rides are shaky and it shakes the hand holding the camera which creates the jerky motion. So you'll want to look for the best videos out there and review them. Not all of them are nausea inducing, so try to review what, if anything, that videographer did that you may want to emulate.

Next, you need to invest in a good camera. Modern technology has made cameras a lot smaller and a lot more hardy than in previous years. Many cameras also offer features that can help you reduce the shakiness while filming. If you can find one like that, definitely snap it up.

All right, you have done your homework (watched videos) and you've got your camera. What do you do next? You make sure the park you're visiting does not ban the use of cameras. Some theme parks do stipulate no cameras on rides for any number of safety and intellectual property reasons. Be sure the theme park you are planning to visit is not one that bans videos if you want to video your ride.

Making a Good Video

  1. Sit in the front of the ride. The best videos of roller coasters are those that show you the ride experience. You can't see that with a camera from behind someone else's head so be sure to seat yourself near the front of the ride.
  2. Secure your camera with a hard strap to your hand and your body. You do not want to drop it and have it break or hurt anyone else. By securing it, you ensure safety and help maintain steadiness of the film. Sitting at the front of the roller coaster allows you to hold the camera lower, steadier and more secure.
  3. You may need to ride two or three times to get the footage you'll want to cut your video. Remember, you can use video software programs to splice together your ride video.
  4. When riding again, you may choose to sit further back so you can add different perspectives to your video. Depending on the noise level, you may replace the roaring with music, but pump up the screams during particularly thrilling moments.

When making a roller coaster video, safety and respect for others is your first concern. Making a great video should be second.

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