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Spinning Dragons
Spinning Dragons

The Worlds of Fun theme park in Kansas City, Missouri is a fabulous Midwest attraction for thousands of families each summer. It's a traditional theme park with roller coasters and bumper cars, but it also includes Oceans of Fun water park. For a little extra, you can even visit Dinosaur's Alive!, an interactive stroll through the dinosaur age that's based on real fossil evidence.

About Worlds of Fun

This dynamic amusement park first opened in 1973 and has grown steadily for more than 30 years. Today, Worlds of Fun is part of the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, the amusement park corporation that also owns Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio, as well as several other parks throughout the country. The entire complex measures over 235 acres and offers more than 100 rides and attractions, so it's a highly desirable destination with many unique thrills to enjoy.


Worlds of Fun has all types of rides, from world class roller coasters to exciting family rides and other fun attractions just for kids. Some of the park's more popular rides include:

Finnish Fling
Finnish Fling
  • Detonator: This twin tower launches riders 160 feet in the air with a force greater than four times normal gravity, and then speeds them back down at equally impressive negative G forces.
  • Mamba: Aptly named for one of the most fearsome, fastest snakes in the world, this 205-foot-tall steel coaster reaches speeds of 75 miles per hour along its curving track.
  • ThunderHawk: This intense thrill ride tilts, swivels, and loops as it sends riders on a wacky circuit that only looks simple from the ground.
  • Patriot: One of the park's newest coasters, Patriot's inverted design features four inversions at speeds reaching 60 miles per hour along the red, white, and blue track.
  • Viking Voyager: This classic Viking boat flume ride offers a great way for riders to cool off as they plunge down the 40-foot drop.
  • Zulu: One of the park's many spinning rides, Zulu whirls riders along a tilting arm that reaches an impressive 90-degree angle.
  • Boomerang: This quick coaster shoots riders through a loop and twisted corkscrew, both forwards and backwards.
  • Cyclone Sam's: This high tech thrill ride uses special effects and video simulation to immerse riders in the center of a tremendous storm.
  • Peanut's Playground: This interactive play area is at the top of the list for younger visitors, and they can meet their favorite Peanuts characters for fun and games.
  • Finnish Fling: You stand against a wall inside a circular tub on this ride. The ride spins around at high speeds, and then the floor drops. The only thing that keeps you pinned to the interior wall is centrifugal force.
  • Ripcord: Ripcord is referred to as a skycoaster. Instead of a car, you are strapped into a jacket. Then, as if you were in a hang glider, you're sent flying through the air at speeds between 60 and 80 miles per hour. Designed for quests over 48 inches tall, this thrill ride includes a 189-foot free fall.
  • Constrictor: On this water ride, you will slide down a network of tubes that wind around each other and, in some instances, provide 360-degree turns.
  • Typhoon: Another water ride, you'll slide down one of two humpback slides that run alongside each other and splash land into a three-foot deep plunge pool.
Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman

In addition to these and other amazing thrill rides and roller coasters, Worlds of Fun is also home to many classic amusement park rides, including:

  • Bumper cars
  • A Scrambler
  • A Ferris wheel
  • A carousel
  • Antique taxis
  • A train ride suitable for all ages


Guests can watch a number of great shows at this theme park. Musical revues are popular, and one rather fun option is the extreme canine tricks show. Karaoke contests are held in Peanuts Playground and guests can meet the popular Peanuts characters - including Snoopy, the star of the show - at various locations throughout the park.

Shows include:

  • Made in America, which is filled with country hits.
  • Party Rockin' 40 Years,which features rock music hits that celebrate the park's 40th anniversary.

Special Events

Worlds of Fun also hosts several special events during the summer, including their Fourth of July fireworks spectacular. Starting in late September, the park is converted to a chilling fright fest for Halloweekends, when multiple haunted houses and other Halloween decorations are on display. There are scary attractions available for all ages.


With so much to see and do at Worlds of Fun, guests can refresh themselves at more than 40 food vendors, from sit-down restaurants to quick snack kiosks. Many types of treats are available, including:

Coasters restaurant
Coasters restaurant
  • Barbeque
  • Pizza
  • Buffalo wings
  • Salads
  • Milk shakes
  • Pitas
  • Gyros
  • Funnel cakes
  • Turkey legs,
  • Chicken tenders
  • Kettle corn

Children's menus are available at most of the dine-in restaurants.

Dinosaurs Alive

Dinosaurs Alive is more of an educational experience, but it's still a lot of fun for all ages. Kids and adults alike can watch reenactments of scenes from the dinosaur age. For example, you'll see a pack of Deinonychos attack a Tenontosaurus. Other educational tools include interactive consoles and animatronics.

Oceans of Fun

Guests who want even more action during their visit to Worlds of Fun may opt to visit the adjacent Oceans of Fun water park. The water park's features include:

  • Tube slides for individuals, pairs, and families
  • Speed slides and slower body slides
  • A wave pool
  • A lazy river
  • An interactive water fun house for all ages
  • A children's pirate-themed water play area

These water attractions are sure to keep everyone soaked in fun when they visit these Kansas City parks.

Visiting Worlds of Fun Theme Park

Guests interested in visiting Worlds of Fun have several ticket options for customized admission, price discounts, and fun opportunities.


Pick the type of ticket that suits your plans best.

  • 3-day advance: This general admission ticket will save you $10 off the regular ticket price.
  • Single day junior/senior: These are one day tickets for children under 48 inches tall and senior citizens. For an extra $5 you can also enter Dinosaurs Alive.
  • Twilight admission: This is a lowered admission price for guests who arrive after 4:00 p.m. on the weekends.
  • Season passes: A season pass will get you unlimited admission to the park plus special VIP benefits.

There's also a wide variety of admission discounts are available for Worlds of Fun guests. Military personnel and AAA members can receive discounts, and the park frequently offers discounts through local businesses and popular snack products.

Contact Information and Location

For more information about the Worlds of Fun theme park, guests can visit the official website, or call (816) 454-4545.

The park is located at:
4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64161

Double Your Fun

Unlike a few years ago, Worlds of Fun and Oceans of fun are now combined for one admission price. If you throw in a visit to Dinosaurs Alive!, it all adds up to one incredible day for the entire family.

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