Visiting Legoland Florida Water Park

LEGOLAND Water Park Entrance

LEGOLAND Florida added a water park to its roster of attractions in 2012, renovating the former Splash Island water park in a colorful LEGO theme with pools, water slides, and splash play areas designed specifically for families with children ages 2 through 12. Visiting the LEGOLAND Florida Water Park is a great way to cool off after a long day in the main park or spend the second day of a two-day combination park pass.

LEGOLAND Florida Water Park Admission

Considered a park-within-a-park, admission to the LEGOLAND Florida Water Park is only available as a $15 per person upgrade to LEGOLAND Florida's regular admission fee. Combination tickets offering entry to both parks are available online and at the theme park's ticket window. Prices quoted here are current as of June 2015.

Ticket Window Prices

  • Single-day, walk-up combination park tickets cost $99 for adults, and $92 for senior citizens and children ages 3 through 12.
  • Two-day combination park tickets cost $114 for adults, and $107 for children and seniors.
  • Toddler admission (for children ages 1 and 2, is $3.

Online Prices

Budget-conscious park-goers can shave up to $15 off the cost of admission - making the water park upgrade free, or almost free, in many cases -- by purchasing their LEGOLAND Florida combination park tickets online, at least two days in advance.

  • Online, advance-purchase, single-day tickets cost $89 for adults, and $82 for children and seniors.
  • Two-day tickets cost $104 and $97, respectively.
  • The LEGOLAND Florida website occasionally offers even deeper admission discounts on its Special Offers page.

Annual Pass Prices

Available both online and at the LEGOLAND Florida ticket window, annual passes are a great way to save on frequent visits to both the water park and the theme park.

  • The LEGOLAND Florida Annual Pass allows for unlimited visits to the LEGOLAND Florida theme and water parks. These passes are available for $99 per person.
  • The Florida Merlin Annual Pass offers unlimited admission to the LEGOLAND Florida theme and water parks, as well as other popular area attractions, such as the Orlando Eye and SEA LIFE Orlando. Florida Merlin Annual Passes are available for $149 per person.
  • The Merlin Annual Pass gives members unlimited admission to all Merlin attractions in the United States, including LEGOLAND Florida and the LEGOLAND Florida Water Park. The pass is available for $269 per person and includes discounts on shopping or dining in Merlin theme parks.

LEGOLAND Annual Pass Members, Merlin Annual Pass Members, and Florida Resident Pass Members can bring their toddler into the water park for free.

What to See and Do

LEGOLAND Water Park Build-a-Raft River
Build-a-Raft Lazy River

Boasting a LEGO Wave Pool, a build-a-raft lazy river, water slides, and splash play areas, the LEGOLAND Florida Water Park is a small, easy-to-navigate park that's perfect for families with little ones. While the water park plays well to its target demographic of children ages 2 through 12, some Yelp and TripAdvisor reviewers complain that there isn't much to keep adults, or adventurous preteens, entertained. Key attractions include:

LEGO Wave Pool

The park is home to a family-friendly wave pool with gentle waves that are just right. Children younger than 6 or under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult. The park has been known to dump ice into the wave pool to cool it down during particularly hot days.

Joker Soaker

Adjacent to the LEGO Wave Pool, Joker Soaker is an interactive playground featuring water slides of various lengths, heights, and types, as well as a 300-gallon tipping bucket. All children under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult; children must be 36 inches tall to use the lower level slides and at least 42 inches tall to use the upper level slides.

Twin Chasers

The Twin Chasers slides are an intertwining pair of enclosed water slide that take riders down 375 feet on tubes and empties them into a refreshing pool. Guests must be at least 42 inches to ride these slides.

Splash Out

The exciting Splash Out attraction takes young thrill seekers to the tallest point in the water park, where they can speed down one of three unique slides with 60-foot drops. Park-goers must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the Splash Out speed slides.

DUPLO Splash Safari

Designed specifically for children ages 5 and younger, DUPLO Splash Safari is an interactive water play area. It features short slides appropriate for young children and climbable DUPLO creatures.

Build-a-Raft River

LEGOLAND Build-a-Raft Station

One of the park's most unique offerings, Build-a-Raft River allows families to design and build custom LEGO rafts to ride around a 1,000-foot-long lazy river.

Tips for Visiting the Water Park

Operating Season

The LEGOLAND Florida Water Park operates seasonally, late March through October. The water park is open seven days a week in the peak summer months of June, July, and August but, like the main LEGOLAND Florida theme park, may be closed during specific periods on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It's best to consult the park's online calendar for days and hours of operation when planning a visit.

Beat the Crowds

Not surprisingly, water park attendance is highest during the summer months, when temperatures soar and children are out of school and looking for fun ways to cool off. The LEGOLAND Florida Water Park is particularly crowded during the peak visit time between 1-3 p.m. Plan to visit during off-peak hours in the morning or early afternoon - from 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. - or in the late afternoon and evening - from 3 - 7 p.m. - to avoid crowds and long lines. Weekdays are usually the best days to visit if crowds are a concern. If headed to the water park on a weekend, opt for a Sunday morning visit.

What to Wear

The LEGOLAND Florida Water Park requires its guests to wear proper swimwear on all attractions. Guests wearing swimwear that is deemed too revealing or otherwise inappropriate for a family-friendly setting may be asked to change or leave the water park. The park does not permit swimwear with exposed zippers, rivets, buckles, or other metal embellishments.

  • Cover-up clothing, such as cotton t-shirts and basketball shorts may be worn on most of the water park's slides and attractions, except for the Splash Out speed slides.
  • Wetsuits are allowed in the park's pool areas, but cannot be worn on any of the water slides.
  • Water shoes are allowed.

Children ages 3 and younger are required to wear swim diapers while in the water park and LEGOLAND Florida recommends that parents check their child's swim diaper often to avoid "incidents of fecal discharge" that may result in the temporary closure of affected attractions.

Bring a Towel

Towel rentals are not available at the park, so you'll need to bring your own or purchase one at the Surf Shop. Guests can also bring compact umbrellas (with a maximum diameter of 42 inches) into the park, though they may be unnecessary, as there are 20 large shade umbrellas positioned throughout the water park.

Don't Bring a Chair

Outside chairs are prohibited, but the park provides chairs on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dining in the Water Park

Food for Purchase

The Beach-and-Brick Grill, LEGOLAND Florida Water Park's on-site outdoor eatery, serves up a wide variety of tasty kid-friendly favorites, including hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken tenders. The menu also features fresh sandwiches and salads. While past park visitors say that the food is serviceable, some reviewers note that it is a bit expensive for the type of food served.

Bring Your Own Food

Fortunately, visitors can save on the cost of eating in the water park by bringing their own snacks and bottled water. The park allows guests to bring in small snacks or food that does not require refrigeration or heating, as well as baby food or formula. Food required for medical purposes or special dietary needs - including medically-indicated nutritional supplements - is also permitted.

Guests can bring food items into the water park in soft-sided insulated bags, or coolers or bags with wheels, provided they are no larger than 8.5 inches wide by 6 inches high and 6 inches deep. Hard-sided coolers, large soft-sided coolers, alcohol, and glass containers are prohibited.

Guest Services

The water park offers a number of services to help guests make the most of their visit, including:

  • Park Information: LEGOLAND park employees, called "Model Citizens," are stationed to the right of the water park entrance, ready and waiting to answer guest questions or provide directions.
  • Locker Rentals: Lockers are available at the park entrance, near the restroom, for a rental fee of $5 per day. The lockers use a keyless, secure system and accept cash and credit cards.
  • Cabana Rentals: Cabanas are available in the DUPLO Splash Safari and Joker Soaker areas; rental rates vary seasonally, but start at $89 plus tax and include two beach recliners, two chairs, a personal locker, two souvenir towels, the use of a mini-fridge stocked with 10 bottles of water, and a personal cabana host.
  • Floatation Devices: LEGOLAND recommends that children under 48 inches who are weak swimmers wear life vest floatation devices, which are available free of charge at locations throughout the water park.
  • LEGOLAND Surf Shop: The on-site surf shop is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs or the latest in Florida swimwear and footwear. The shop also offers water park essentials, such as beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and swim diapers.

Going From Park to Park

Guests can travel freely between the LEGOLAND Florida Water Park and the main LEGOLAND park; however, they are required to be fully clothed when entering and exiting the water park via the main park. Swim wear alone may not be worn as clothing inside the main LEGOLAND theme park.

Also, some Foursquare reviewers have mentioned that, because the water park is located at the rear of the main park, it is quite a trek from the parking lot to the water park - particularly for families with very young children. Fortunately, strollers are permitted inside both parks, though designated stroller parking is not available.

LEGO Family Fun

Visiting the water park is a great way for families to make the most of their visit to LEGOLAND Florida and "build" memories that will last a lifetime.

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