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Escape Iowa's blistering summer heat by splashing down at Lost Island Water Park. Whether you live near Waterloo or you're just driving through on a summer road trip, you won't regret making a pit stop at this fun-filled oasis. The water amusement park is teeming with high-octane thrills for the entire family.

About Lost Island Water Park

Enjoy a splashtastic day at Iowa's premiere water park. Lost Island is one the state's largest outdoor water theme parks. It is open daily from June through September, though the schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions. As of May 2011, general admission to the park is $23; however, kids three years and under are free.

The park is designed to accommodate guests of all ages, though there are height requirements for the larger water rides. Younger children can cool off in various kiddie areas while teens and parents can partake in the thrills and chills of the park's more extreme water slides. Lost Island's family-friendly environment also includes two on-site restaurants that offer everything from pizza and chicken to paninis and salads.

Popular Water Rides

A trip to Lost Island is not complete without experiencing the rip-roaring action of the park's hottest water slides and attractions, including:

Wailua Kupua

This mega-water coaster is filled with jaw-dropping drops, twists and turns. Riders are in for a spine-tingling good time from start to end. What's more, the ride offers a unique experience, especially since there are only 10 of its kind in the world.

Ta Katipo

This thrilling water slide allows you to race other riders down a maze of twists and turns. The four-lane ride starts off as an enclosed flume, but ends in the open air after a combination of rolls and drops.

Tangerine Tempest

Also known as the "toilet bowl," this super fast, steep-pitched enclosed slide drops riders into a 45-foot diameter tangerine colored bowl. Once in the bowl, riders cling to their tubes, as water swirls them around and eventually flushes them down a chute and into a massive splash pool.

Molokini Crater

This massive water thrill ride is really a 60-foot funnel of fun. Riders board a four-person raft from a platform that sits 75 feet in the air. They are then shot down a long tunnel where they spin back and forth and side to side before being dumped into the humongous funnel. However, the ride doesn't end there. After getting dropped into the funnel, riders glide on a waterfall and then splash into a pool below.

Lost Soul Falls

If you have a fear of heights, then you won't want to take this death defying plunge. Lost Soul Falls is a vertical slide that allows riders to free fall at a rate of 28 feet per second. If you like living life on the edge, this is the ride for you.

Polynesian Plunge and Samoan Splash

Thousands of gallons of rushing water push you down a half-open, half-enclosed slide. Before you are dumped into splash pool you take a ride through tropical rapids that will have you screaming for more.

Other Water Attractions

In addition to the extreme water rides, Lost Island also boasts a number of other not-so intense attractions including:

Tsunami Bay

Relax and enjoy Iowa's summer rays on the pristine waters of tsunami bay. The massive wave pool has a zero depth entry, which allows easy access for strollers and wheelchairs. When the waves roll in you and your tube can go for a gentle ride with your closest friends.

Blue Iguana Lagoon

This large lagoon area is packed with fun for the whole clan. Multiple pools are divided by a waterfall volcano and a cave underpass. Meanwhile, another area features water volleyball and basketball. Younger kids can also go wild on traversing a log walk with cargo netting, which leads to a slide that sits next to a large sun deck with lounge chairs.

Starfish Cove

This action packed area for Lost Island's youngest guests features friendly crabs, spouting whales, and water-spitting fish, which toddlers can climb on and around. The area also boasts miniature slides and various fountains.

Tahiti Treehouse

The interactive rainforest tree house sits in just a few inches of water, which makes it perfect for youngsters. In addition to a maze of climbing features, the tree house includes three medium-sized open slides, sprays, and several secret hiding places.

Fun Extras

When you need a break from the wet and wild fun, you can dry off at Lost Island's other play area. Attached to the water park is a tropical activity center which features a go-kart track, plus an arcade with video games and pool tables. The area also offers two island-themed 18-hole mini golf courses with volcanoes, waterfalls, dinosaur bones and a skull pit. Admission to these activities is separate from the water park.

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Lost Island Water Park