Splashtown Tickets

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Splashtown is a favorite with Houston residents

On summer days in Houston, Splashtown passes are some of the hottest tickets in town. With a number of different options available, you're sure to find the ticket that meets your needs and budget.

Splashtown Tickets

From daily tickets to season passes and group rates, Splashtown offers a number of ticket choices for your budget:

Daily Tickets

If you're planning a one time trip to the park, daily tickets are available at the gate and online. When you purchase online, you save $5 off the advertised gate price, but keep in mind that Splashtown adds a $5 processing fee for each daily ticket purchased online. That fee makes the online discount a wash, but you still get to skip the lines when you buy via their website. Prices as of the 2011 season for online tickets are as follows (these prices do not include the processing fee):

  • Adult ticket (guests 48 inches and above): $29.99
  • Child ticket (guests under 48 inches): $26.99
  • Children 2 and younger: Free

Remember to add a $5 processing fee to each price if you plan to purchase your tickets at the gate or for online ticket processing. All tickets purchased online must be printed at home and presented at the front gate.

Season Passes

If you plan to visit Splashtown regularly, then a season pass might be the best bargain for you. Season passes are $74.99 whether you purchase them at the gate or online. That price is the same for all age groups, except children 2 and under, who can obtain a season pass for free.

Season pass tickets allow unlimited visits to the park.

Group Tickets

If you're attending Splashtown with a large group, discounted tickets are available. If you're purchasing 15 tickets or more, the price for each ticket comes down to $20.99, plus, you get one free ticket for every 15 purchased. Group tickets have to purchased in a block but they do not have to be used on the same day, though they do have to be used in the season in which they were purchased. Tickets can be ordered online.

If you are purchasing more than 50 tickets, contact the Group Sales Department of the park on 281-355-3300 to explore other package deal options.

For group tickets, you can also opt to have the park arrange for more than just tickets. A Splashtown representative can coordinate a trip to the park for your group, including tickets, food and admission to special park events. These prices vary depending on the size of your group and the package you choose. Order through the Group Sales Department.

Birthday Party Tickets

Splashtown also offers special deals on tickets for birthday parties held within the park. Tickets are $31.99 each, with a minimum of 10 purchases required. The ticket includes admission to all the park attractions plus a reserved indoor birthday party area for one hour, one 16 inch pepperoni pizza for every eight guests, unlimited drinks during the one hour party and one ice cream sandwich per person. The birthday boy or girl also gets a free ticket to come back to the park. These tickets must be purchased at the gate or through the Group Sales Department.

Special Discounts

Throughout the season, Splashtown offers various one day discounts. These discounts include special events for Christian Youth Day, a teacher appreciation day, an emergency personnel appreciation day and a Latin festival. Discounts vary and all tickets to these events must be purchased at the gate. ID is required for teacher and emergency personnel ticket discounts.

Plan Your Splashtown Trip

The best place to start planning your Splashtown trip is on their website. There, you can find information about purchasing season tickets, special discounts and events and directions to the park - everything you need to enjoy a day in the sun at Splashtown's many water rides and attractions!

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Splashtown Tickets